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Ron Goodnough (1975)
Ron Goodnough (1975) writes, "Pharmacists love Numbers": Just a note to say that I began UM Pharmacy School fall of '67…got my first license in '76….retired from my last employment as a hospital R.Ph. on a Friday-Veteran's Day 2011 (11/11/11)…and retired that license on my 67th birthday….can't get any better than that…! Thanks UM Pharmacy School for a great education/career!

VR, Ron Goodnough, R.Ph. (Ret) class of '75 ('71)*
*Took a 4 year time out to serve in the USN..returning in '74 for my last year/graduation/career launch…!"
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Submitted on Feb 6 2014

Steve Laughrun (1967)
Steve Laughrun (1967) writes, "Steve Laughrun '66 (retired) and brother-in-law, Keith Richardson (ASU grad) getting ready for the September 8, 2012 showdown in Boone, N.C. GO GRIZ! Hope it's another classic game like the last meeting of the two schools in Missoula."  Click here for photo
Submitted on Jan 24 2012

Teresa Diemer (1996)
Teresa Diemer (1996) writes, "In my personal life I have been diagnosed with ALS. The correct part of ALS I have is progressive bulbar palsy. Everyday is a challenge, but I am managing my disease, it is not managing me! One day at a time."  
Submitted on Apr 27 2011

Carolyn Mirich (1977)
Carolyn Mirich (1977) writes, "Carolyn Riehl Mirich, class of 1977, of Missoula, MT, spearheaded the drive to restore respect to the old asylum cemetery at the State Hospital in Sparks, Nevada.

The dedication of this monument, which was the result of over three years of work with the State, the hospital and the Nevada Legislature, was January 21, 2011.

Carolyn found that the cemetery was in danger of being developed in 2008. She founded the Friends of Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services Cemetery as a non-profit 501(C) (3) corporation and serves as President of that organization. Together with other researchers and cemetery preservationists she fought hard to stop the destruction of this historic site and pressed the Nevada Legislature to intervene. As a result of their efforts, the 2009 Nevada Legislature passed a bill designating this cemetery as a historic cemetery and allowing for the new fencing and a monument.

A link to the website follows with the full story of the history of the cemetery, the abuses it has suffered over the years, historical photos, photos of the dedication and speeches. The website has links to the KOLO TV coverage and coverage in the Reno Gazette Journal."
Submitted on Mar 24 2011

James Dillon (1986)
James Dillon (1986) writes, "I am a managing partner with Dillon~Umbaugh Wealth Management in Plymouth, IN. Our firm provides investment consulting, financial planning, and portfolio management for individual and corporate investors. I live in Granger, IN with wife Laurie Diane and son Matt."  
Submitted on Feb 11 2011

Tracy Mangold (2000)
Tracy (Townsend) Mangold (2000) writes, "Tracy Ann Mangold - Class of 2000 -
She and her husband Jess Mangold (U of M Pharmacy School, 2001) live in Combined Locks, Wisconsin with their three-year-old daughter, AnneShirley."
Submitted on Jan 24 2011

Edward Tinsley (1992)
Edward Tinsley (1992) writes, "Ed Tinsley, B.A. 92; M.P.A. 07, is the Director of Montana Disaster and Emergency Services in the Montana Department of Military Affairs in Helena. Ed served as a Lewis and Clark County Commissioner from 2002 - 2008 and also served as the Sergeant-at-Arms in the 61st Montana Legislature. Ed and his wife Sue and kids Eleanor and Sam live in Helena."  
Submitted on Jan 24 2011

Jeffrey Straw ()
Class of 76-78;;Jeff Straw who was there in those yrs. is seeking people, roomates, etc. who I knew..lost touch, but better later than never. See other, Ron and John(locust St. roomates(the upstairs apt)..and Any of Amy and John, ....Hope to hook up with someone who I knew way back when.  
Submitted on Aug 16 2010

Jeffrey Straw ()
Remember the TOP HAT? Please email me and I will give you my number. Jeff  
Submitted on Jul 28 2010

Katherine Garnett (1998)
Katherine Garnett (1998) writes, "Katherine Garnett, '98, is a bilingual librarian-teacher at a high school in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She and Billy Stern, M.A. '98, married in 2008."

  Click here for photo
Submitted on Jan 8 2010

Alexander Ramsing (2008)
Debbie Ramsing writes, "Alexander Ramsing (2008) is entering the Naval Officer Candidate School in Newport, R.I. and will be graduating in March."
Submitted on Jan 6 2010

George Ryffel (1941)
George Ryffel (1941) writes, "The Winter Montanan story on the Sedition Act of WWI reminded me of the reason I was born in Minneapolis, MN, instead of Highwood, MT, where my siblings were born. The 1918 Act, modeled after the infamous Revolutionary War Alien and Sedition Acts, resulted in Liberty Committees in small towns to harass and to legalize action on those suspected of German sympathy. As my father and mother spoke German in the home, they were prime suspects in the anti-German hysteria. For their physical safety, they had to leave Montana for Minneapolis (heavily populated by Germans), where I was born in 1919. The family return to Montana in 1920 found the hysteria gone and gave me my great four years at U. of M."  
Submitted on Jul 7 2009

Khelly Webb (1972)
Khelly Webb (1972) writes, "Saw the Crown of the Contenent Email and found it a delightful trip thru my homeland. The cherry on top was page 13 which is like a photo I took in the early 70's for J-school photography 101. It is currently sitting in front of my laptop. I am now in Long Beach, Ca.

For fun I volunteer for the Aquarium of the Pacific, one of the top 10 aquariums in the world. To be an education interperter (teacher) I had to graduate from from Critter College. I then took advanced shark training so I could hang out with the sharks. No, Virginia, there are no shark cages. Most sharks are under 6 ft long and eat off the ocean bottom. They are not interested in people food.

I continue to be Sr physician and director at Center for Healing Life In Long Beach"
Submitted on Jun 23 2009

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