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Welcome back to our Class of 1963 Web Site! As the reunion demonstrated, there's a special spirit to our Class, the Class of '63. We're eager to reconnect with classmates, to hear about their lives and to have a grand time while doing so. Just take a look at the reunion pictures to see for yourself. Here's a list of the lucky folks who were able to attend:

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from the 45th

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at the 50th!

Virgil Aiello | Rollin and Sandra Bartlett (J65) | Betty and Roger Borghesani | Margaret Boyajian | Brian and Nancy Burns | Sonny Cataldo | Barbara Fellows Costas | Carol and Ron Deveaux | Linda Dixon | Kim and Pam Eaton | Bill and Susan Harris | Betty Blake Hinkley and Bill Baker (A61) | Peter and Judy Hourihan (J66) | Al Jerard and Fran Davis | John and Jinny Johnson | Charlotte Bonanno Kelley | Bill Kenney | Lucy Helfant Labson | Thomasina LaGuardia | Marcia Aucoin MacClary | Sue Orowan Martin and Dave Martin | Ron and Chris Millard | Joe and Jeanette Neubauer | Carmine and Barbara Parisi | Maureen Perkins | Fred and Julia Pfannenstiehl | Nancy Ridill | Neal and Judy Robison | Steve and Ruth Rosenthal | Elaine Golden Sacco and George Sacco | Dick and Lori Schaefer | Ellen Horowitz Schnipper and Robert Schnipper (A62) | Bob and Carolyn Weeks | Chris and Sue White | Suzanne Loring Wilkinson and Charlie Wilkinson (A62) |

Now that we've celebrated our 45th, it's time to start gearing up for the 50th. Over the next five years, this site will keep you up-to-date on everything we'll be doing between now and then. Check back for new content on a regular basis, especially for updates on money raised for our Class Scholarship. Email us if you'd like to join the fundraising phoneathon or if you're interested in working on plans for the 50th.

Our class is now more than one third of the way towards raising $1 million - the goal for our 50th reunion scholarship fund. Earnings from the fund will be the class' legacy to Tufts. What better way to say thanks, than to help those in need to attend Tufts! Go Jumbos!


Help the baby blue elephant grow to a full size Jumbo by making your gift now online. At Step 2, choose designation #3 for 'Other' and enter 'Class of 1963 Scholarship'. Join the list of classmates and make your gift a yearly commitment to help someone new discover 'the Hill'.

Donors to the Class of '63 Scholarship Fund
as of 6/30/08
* indicates repeat donor

Constantine Alexander* | Roger H. Ambuter | Luean E. Anthony | Ralph G. Anttonen | Vartan M. Arakelian | John H. Arthur | Donald W. Avery | Rollin Bartlett | Jennefer A. Baxter | Judith Coates Becker | David M. Beldotti | Arthur C. Bennett | Paul E. Berger | Arlene S. Bernstein | Harry G. Bluestein | Suzanne R. Bogad | Margaret Boyajian | Edward B. Brown | Peter F. Bruno | David W. Buermeyer* | Brian A. Burns | Thomas Joseph Carty | Gennaro L. Cataldo | Susan B. Cecil | Arthur C. M. Chen | Edward E. Clark* | Rear Adm. Philip J. Coady USN (Ret) | Eleanor J. Coe | Dotti Cohen (in honor of Bruce Male) | Leonard M. Colasanti | Barbara Costas | Francis J. Culross | Donald L. Curtis | Joel P. Davidsen | Carol A. Deveaux | Ronald J. Deveaux | Kathleen M. Devigne | Linda Jane Dixon* | Kim Eaton | James R. Fay | Janice L. Foster | Margit E. France | Morton J. Goldfein Esq. | Margaret R. Greer | Richard F. Guarino | Karen V. Hanauer* | William F. Harrington | William T. Harris | Elizabeth Ann Hinkley* | Jane Deborah Hochman | Charles A. Hogan, Jr. | Peter M. Hourihan | Barbara A. Hyde | Joseph C. Jacobs | Betsy (Morna) E. Jahncke | Albert B. Jerard | Peter M. Johngren | John F. Johnson | James A. Kalloch | Carol Kaplan | Charlotte B. Kelley | David G. King | Michael T. Krag | Thomasina La Guardia* | Lucy Helfant Labson* | George P. Lahtinen | Stephanie Levy | Walter J. Lewicki | Barbara R. Lickstein | Marcia MacClary | Bruce M. Male | Susan Katherin Martin | Helene Matorin | Dorothy C. Merrill* | Carol E. Monroe | Lynne M. Mortenson | Sarah Woodhouse Murdock | Mystery Donor | Joe Neubauer | Donald W. Northrup | Jospeh P. O'Reilly | Katherine A. O'Reilly* | Maureen E. Osthues | Peter A. Parella | Eileen Anne Parks | Maureen E. Perkins | Robert M. Perrin | Ellen L. Perry* | Frederick G. Pfannenstiehl | Crennan M. Ray | Marlene Reinschmidt | Nancy E. Ridill | Cathryn E. Rie | Neal E. Robison | Linda J. Rodger | Steven Rosenthal | Elaine Sacco | Richard Paul Schaefer | John B. Schmuck | Thomas R. Shachtman | Gerald G. Sheehan, Jr., D.M.D. | Thomas P. Stapp | James R. Stevens | Jaylene Summers | Edward M. Swan* | Haven C. Sweet | Donal B. Tobin | Mina J. Van Dyne | Joanne R. VanMeter | Suzanne R. Vincent | William J. Volk | Christiana D. Walford | Susan Elizabeth Weeks | JoAnn V. Wellner | Chris White | John A. Whitehead | Barbara T. Widett | Suzanne K. Wilkinson* | William W. Willard | Diana C. Williams | Maryke Martha Williams | James C. Yeutter

Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund: Our Living Legacy

Our class established the Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund in 2003, as we headed toward our 40th reunion. We want our fund to be large enough to support a number of deserving students each year. We want as many of our classmates to contribute to the Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund as possible. Your contribution this year and for each year through our 50th reunion year will help us reach our goal - to raise $1 million by our 50th.

The Class of 1963 - your class - is committed to realizing our dream for this scholarship fund. Large contributions are wonderful, but how many of us contribute is a key measure of our commitment to this effort, so no matter how much you give, we need your support.

Who Are the Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund Recipients?

To get an idea of the good work our Class of '63 Scholarship Fund has been able to do so far, here's a glimpse of the three students we've supported:

Patrice Lee from Hyde Park, MA, received the first Class of 1963 Scholarship award in her senior year. Read more.

Carla Dash from West Haven, CT, received the award after earning a 3.6 average in her freshman year. Carla was an English major who graduated in 2007.

Rebecca Abbott, New Orleans, LA, just finished up her class work in December. Read more.

More on Patrice Lee...

In her own words, here's what the scholarship has meant to Patrice since her graduation.

"I truly appreciate the Class of 1963 Scholarship that I received. My education from Tufts has led me into several very exciting endeavors since graduation. For 3 years I served as the speaking agent for an international speaker. I developed his branding and website, researched and wrote his speeches, and managed his speaking engagements from the invitation through follow-up on events. I literally became an entrepreneur learning first-hand how to run a small business from marketing to negotiating to finance. All the while, I was a full-time graduate student at Boston College earning a master's degree in international relations (comparative studies in Africa).

I finished my master's program last year, just in time to expand my involvement with this speaker and help him launch a non-profit organization in South Africa, the Ubuntu Institute for Young Social Entrepreneurs. One of the initiatives of the organization over which I had direct management was Ubuntu Exposure. This is a travel program taking college students from the developing world to South Africa for service learning trips. Once again, I found myself stretching my boundaries as I worked with college presidents and administrators to facilitate the travel of several colleges to Johannesburg for a 2-week stint. It was rewarding though.

I have since left both positions as a speaking agent and travel consultant to pursue a full-time position as an Operations Associate at a software company in Cambridge. However, I look forward to an exciting career merging my entrepreneurial and business skills as well as my passion to help others around the world.

I attribute much of my success, social conscience and even leadership skills to Tufts, which provided me a world-class education that broadened my perspective and gave me invaluable contacts.

I know this is more than a few lines, but it only scratches the surface of what I have been up to. I do want to sincerely express to the alumni community my gratitude for their generosity and my commitment to continuing this legacy as I progress in my career and life."
-Patrice Lee

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More on Rebecca Abbott...

When Rebecca was a little girl, she and her older brother would pick up broken electrical appliances on trash day and take them apart to see how they worked. Their home was filled with recycled televisions, radios, and microwave ovens that the siblings had restored to working condition. No wonder that Rebecca chose mechanical engineering as her major at Tufts.

When her class work is completed in December, Rebecca has accepted a position with Serica Technologies, a start-up company co-founded by Tufts graduate Greg Altman and Professor of Bioengineering David Kaplan. Serica is a medical device company that uses silk products to make synthetic tissue replacements. Our bodies use these silk devices as scaffolds on which to grow new tissue to replace tissue that was lost or damaged due to injury.

Her personal experiences as a little girl and her major at Tufts were powerful motivators in her decision to work at Serica.

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Rebecca's single story house filled with five feet of water. With just the frame of the house left intact, her home remained untouched for five months. While her mother and younger brother and sister moved to nearby Georgia and her mother, a nurse, commuted to her job a week at a time, a group of Tufts students visiting New Orleans on winter break provided the first real help to the Abbott family, carting out wet furniture and debris from the ruined home.

Today the Abbott family lives in an apartment in New Orleans, taking advantage of occasional free labor that is offered to try and bring their home back to some kind of habitable state. It is a slow and painful process. As of this writing, the house is still gutted.

Back to list of scholarship recipients.

Again, please take a thoughtful look at what you might contribute to increase the base of our Class of '63 Scholarship Fund. Our objective is to raise $1 million between now and our 50th reunion. The dream is simple: the larger the base, the more sustained the fund will be, and the more students we can help in a substantial way to become graduates of Tufts and leaders in their respective fields. We can't think of a more worthwhile legacy.

Give now online. At Step 2, be sure to choose Designation #3 for 'Other' and type in 'Class of 1963 Scholarship'.