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Summer housing options
This application/contract applies to the dates indicated below and is available to University guests approved by the Office of Housing and Residence Life and students enrolled in summer courses, associated with University-sponsored programs, committed to a 12-month housing contract, and working for some University departments. This contract may be voided under certain conditions, as explained in the Terms and Conditions of Residence below.

Summer session housing is based upon a $25.80 daily rate, and additional days in residence not indicated below will be assessed accordingly.

All summer session students are assigned to a single room in a four-person Burton or Spangler apartment, except in transitional periods and when apartments are unavailable due to repairs or renovations.

Meal plans are not available in the summer; however, limited meal service may be available on a cash basis throughout the summer months according to Bon Appetit's hours of operation.
Summer housing is billed by session and prorated as necessary. Please check all sessions for which you require housing or "All Summer" if you intend to stay from spring closing to fall opening.
If you will be extending your stay beyond any of the sessions listed, please include the additional days.
Damages and damage deposit

A refundable $200 damage deposit must be on file with the Office of Student Financial Services prior to the issuance of keys to the room. No portion of the $200 deposit will be refunded if:

  • The application is canceled more than 30 days from the date it is submitted.
  • After August 1, regardless of the date submitted.
  • If requested more than 30 days after officially checking out of the halls.

Reservations not claimed by noon of the fourth day of classes may be terminated by the University. A resident who does not check out in accordance with the procedures described in the Student Handbook will be subject to fines and/or forfeiture of all or part of his/her deposit.

After taking occupancy, if the applicant stays the entire contract period and applies to return to the residence halls the following academic year, his/her damage deposit will automatically be carried over to the following academic year.

Damage deposit refunds may be requested only by submitting the damage deposit request form through the housing and residence life website. The refund request must be received no later than 30 days after a student officially stops living in the residence hall by checking out or formally withdrawing the application.
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The deposit will be refunded if:

  • The resident follows the check-out policy outlined in the Student Handbook;
  • Room keys are properly checked in with the Office of Housing and Residence Life;
  • No damages or excess cleaning charges are associated with the room upon check-out;
  • The resident does not have an outstanding balance on his/her account with the University;
  • The student fulfills the housing contract terms of residence and does not cancel his/her reservation more than 30 days from the date it is signed or after August 1.

Terms and conditions of residence


University housing is made available to students enrolled at the Lacey campus. Priority is given to first- and second-year students enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester. Part-time students may request housing through the director of housing and residence life. Dropping to part-time status from full-time status does not automatically cancel a housing contract.

Apartment housing is available only to students who are at least 21 years old or have completed 60 or more credits (not including Running Start credits).

Room and board charges and payment:

Room and board rates are available on the housing and residence life website at Room and board fees, plus any previous charges for damage, lost keys, and/or extra custodial work, must be paid on or before the day of registration. If payment is to be made by loan, scholarship, or grant, the student will be required to present the award letter to the Office of Student Financial Services at the time of registration.

A student who moves off campus without the approval of the Office of Housing and Residence Life before the end of the contract period is responsible for the room payment for that period. A student approved to withdraw from housing before the fall add/drop deadline will forfeit his/her damage deposit and be prorated for the number of days in residence. A student who withdraws from housing after add/drop but within the first 30 days of the semester will be charged a $300 cancellation fee, forfeit his/her deposit, and be prorated for the number of days in residence. Students who withdraw from the University or leave housing after the 30th day of the semester receive no refund.

If the student withdraws for reasons of serious accident or extended illness, a refund of remaining room charges may be made. Additional exceptions to room charges for those leaving the University may be recommended to the Office of Student Financial Services by the director of housing and residence life. Students leaving housing are responsible for cancelling their meal plans in the Office of Student Financial Services, and board charges will be assessed at a daily rate and prorated based on the number of days remaining in the semester.

University policies:

It is the studentís responsibility to familiarize himself/herself with University policies and regulations including, but not limited to, those in the student handbook, the University code of conduct, the University undergraduate catalog, residence life memos/bulletins/e-mails, and this contract. Students not abiding by University policies should expect to be held responsible for their actions through appropriate disciplinary action.


University furnishings may not be moved from the studentsí rooms or from one hall to another. No furniture from lounges or common living areas may be moved to studentsí rooms. Penalties for moving furniture may include fines as well as other disciplinary actions as outlined in the student handbook.

Keys and proximity cards:

Residents are issued keys when they check into their rooms. Room keys and proximity cards may not be duplicated or given to other students or guests. A student who illegally possesses, uses, or duplicates a University key or proximity card will be subject to disciplinary action. If a student loses a key, he/she may be issued a temporary key, but will be charged $50 per door for a lock change if the lost key is not recovered. Lost proximity cards may be replaced in the Office of Public Safety for $25.

Personal property:

The University will make every reasonable effort to protect the personal property of residents; however, Saint Martinís University will not be liable for loss or damage of personal property including, but not limited to, loss due to fire, flood, or theft. Students should consider purchasing rentersí insurance or utilizing the extension of parentsí homeownerís insurance to cover the loss or damage of personal property.

Prohibited possessions:

While not an all-inclusive list, the following items are prohibited in studentsí rooms:

  1. Stereo amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers with six inch plus horns;
  2. Open heat source appliances including, but not limited to, hot plates, toaster ovens, space heaters, and halogen lamps;
  3. Candles, incense, hookahs, fireworks, and other items with an open flame;
  4. Weapons of any kind including, but not limited to, large knives (three inch plus blade), swords, firearms (including bb, paintball, and toy guns), and explosives (Note: Any item used to harm or threaten any individual or oneself is considered a weapon.);
  5. Alcoholic beverage containers, shot glasses, kegs, and drug paraphernalia;
  6. Pets other than fish in a five-gallon tank.

Prohibited items found in the residence halls will be confiscated and disciplinary action may be taken. With the exception of alcohol and drug paraphernalia, property receipts will be issued for items that may be possessed legally off campus and can be stored for 30 days by Residence Life officials. If they are being removed from campus, confiscated items may be returned upon written request, but will be discarded after 30 days if not claimed.

Responsibility for institutional property:

Upon moving in, each student is required to sign a room condition report indicating the receipt of room keys and condition of the room and its furnishings. Upon check-out, if inspection by University staff reveals damage or messiness beyond normal wear to the room and/or its furnishings, the occupant(s) of the room will be charged. All rooms must be thoroughly cleaned upon check-out and returned to their original state. If individual responsibility for damage, loss, or defacement cannot be determined, charges may be assessed equally to the apartment, suite, or room residents for damage.

Right of privacy:

Students are guaranteed the reasonable privacy of their residence and belongings. Under specific circumstances, however, rooms/apartments may be entered by University staff. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, cases of emergency, the need for repairs, fire drills, and when reasonable suspicion exists to indicate that a violation of University regulations or federal, state, or local law is taking place in the room. In cases involving suspected violations of law or policy, rooms and their contents may be searched by University officials. In other cases (such as routine health and safety inspections), 48-hours notice will be provided to advise residents that staff will be entering their rooms.

Room alterations:

Occupants are not permitted to paint, alter, or remodel any student room, apartment, or public area in the residence halls without prior written approval from the director of housing and residence life or his/her representative. Guidelines for room personalization are provided in the Student Handbook. Upon check-out, room/apartment furnishings must be in the same location as when the occupant checked in.

Room changes:

All room changes must be coordinated with and approved by the Office of Housing and Residence Life. If approved, a room change fee of $25 will be assessed. Room changes made without permission will result in a $100 fine and possible return to the originally assigned room.

Room/apartment usage:

Rooms/apartments are to be occupied only by the student(s) for whom they are reserved, except in the case of temporary guests who must abide by University regulations and who must be registered with the Office of Housing and Residence Life. The University reserves the right to ask guests of residents to leave if they have not followed the guest policy outlined in the student handbook, are disturbing other residents, or are violating University regulations or federal, state, or local laws.

Special needs housing:

Special needs housing options, including single room accommodations, are available to students registered with the Office of Disability Support Services. Spangler and Parsons Halls are equipped with several units designed to accommodate students with wheelchairs. Priority will be given to applicants requesting a wheelchair-accessible room according to the date of application. Students requesting wheelchair-accessible rooms must submit a request to the Office of Disability Support Service or include the request with this application/contract. Wheelchair-equipped rooms may be assigned to any resident student; however, a student may be moved to another space if the University grants a special needs request.

Service animals are permitted in University facilities. A person with a disability who utilizes a service animal must be registered with the Disability Support Services Office, providing thorough documentation of the disability and need to have a service animal on campus. Service animals whose behavior poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others or is disruptive to the campus community may be excluded regardless of training or certification.

Agreement period

  • The date and time of the residence halls' opening will be announced prior to each academic year and published on the University's academic calendar and in Housing and Residence Life correspondence. Students may not occupy or leave personal belongings in any student room or hall before the time the halls are scheduled to open unless they are participating in a University scheduled program, have prior approval from the director of housing and residence life, and pay an additional fee. The University will not be responsible for any property left in the residence hall at the time of check-out.
  • Intersession 1: May 11-18 (Spring residents will move to summer assignments when available. Check-out is Saturday, May 18, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.)
  • Summer Session 1: May 20 - June 28 (Check-in is Sunday, May 19, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm. Check-out is Saturday, June 29, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.)
  • Summer Session 2: July 1 - August 9 (Check-in is Sunday, June 30, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm. Check-out is Saturday, July 10, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.)
  • Intersession 2: August 11-24 (Intersession 2 is available only to students continuing in the fall. Summer students will move to fall assignments when available. Check-in is Sunday, August 11, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm.)
  • The terms and conditions of this contract are applicable for as long as the student remains in the residence halls. Those who delay their departure without prior approval may forfeit their deposit and will be charged at established University guest rates.

Termination of contract

This contract remains in effect until the end of the contract period, but may be terminated under any of the following conditions:

  • If you cancel enrollment in writing prior to the first day of classes and prior to moving into a residence hall.
  • If you violate the terms of this contract, University regulations, or local, state, or federal laws. (No refund will be provided under these circumstances.)
  • Please retain the electronic copy of these terms and conditions for your personal records.

Confirmation and signature

This contract, together with the terms and conditions of residence, provides the student with information regarding the policies and regulations adopted in order to carry out the educational objectives of Saint Martin's University and serves to protect both the student and the University.

This is a binding legal contract. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to abide by the regulations and conditions stated in the contract and the terms and conditions of residence and to make payment and otherwise comply with the payment schedule established by Student Financial Services.

Please check your information carefully for accuracy and then click "Submit".