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THE ROUTE of Mini-Reunions

If you are interested in hosting a mini-reunion, please contact Mini-Reunions All Over the Map

Many of our classmates are reconnecting at smaller gatherings in their area. For instance, at a Boston area reunion in November, twenty women from four New England states met for afternoon tea (and other offerings!) at Rusty True Browder’s house. In January reunions took place in New Haven, Scottsdale, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Still to come are reunions planned for New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston and Denver. If you are from those states, keep your eye open for an EVITE or contact me. Even if you cannot come to our Reunion in May, this will give you a chance to see old Smith friends and meet new ones from your area. If you have any questions, please e-mail me to get the latest updates.

We’ll post the info on our class website and our group Facebook page. Facebook
Our 45th Reunion will be held from Thursday, May 19 - Sunday, May 22, 2011. But before that happens, mini-reunions -- by house, geography, or interests -- are a great way to stay connected.
   • Mabel Dubois Ellis   

Washington DC Area Minireunion - March
Washington DC Area Minireunion - at Caroline Soleliac Carbaugh's home, March 6, 2011

Back row: Caroline Soleliac Carbaugh, Ellen Berelson, Sheila Brown Arbury, Ann Eglin Allen,
Corrie van Geel Schweigler and Barbara Myrun Milstein.
Front row: Mary Spieczny Podesta, Ruth van Dyke Phang and Gail Kern Paster. Attending also was Susan Low Bloch.

Los Angeles Area Minireunion - March
Los Angeles Area Minireunion at Lois Hoffman Thompson's home, March 26, 2011

Front row: Karin Slack de Riszner, Joan Oliver, Elsa Pottala Pauley, Judy Bronstein Milestone;
Back row: Lois Hoffman Thompson, Robin Coates Jaffe, and Judy Stern Golub. Attending also was Peggy Chase.

Los Angeles Area Minireunion - January
Los Angeles Area Minireunion, January 30, 2011

Left to Right: Lois Hoffman Thompson, Elsa Pottala Pauley, Judy Stern Golub, Peggy Chase, Deanne Gillette Violich.

San Francisco Bay Area Minireunion
San Francisco Bay Area Minireunion, January 26, 2011: We all went around and filled in our history, and easily filled up three hours. Diana’s talk about reunion was good and enthusiastic – one guest said she would go to reunion for the first time.

Left to Right Back Row: Nancy Berger, Ellen Roop Fisher, Diana Kopp McDonough and Pam Sebastian
Front Row: Lindy Hough and Katherine Gavzy

Arizona Minireunion
Scottsdale, AZ Mini Reunion, January 15, 2011: Nancy Thompson Godfrey writes that close to 66% of AZ Smith ’66 classmates met at Casa Godfrey in Scottsdale on a warm and sunny Saturday in mid-January to share Smith memories (many laughs!) and to reflect upon and discuss the diverse paths taken by each of us on life’s journey after Northampton.

Our mini-reunion was on a poignant day for Arizonans – just one week following the shooting rampage in Tucson. Sue Gilles of Tucson had decided at the last minute not to attend U.S. Representative Giffords’ Congress-on-the-Corner event.

Left to Right Back Row: Merrill (Mimi) McLoughlin, Ann Veirs Solem, Judy Mahanna O'Higgins.
Front Row: Irma Simberg Turtle, Sue Gilles, Nancy Thompson Godfrey, Cynthia (Cyndee) Wurdack Hill.

Sue Roberts, Martha McHutchison and Judith Young
New Haven, CT Mini Reunion, January 9, 2011: 66ers from CT met at Sue Roberts' home.
Left to Right: Sue Roberts, Martha McHutchison and Judith Young

Chris Wilkinson Aulicino and Susie Bodine Holahan
Left to Right: Chris Wilkinson Aulicino and Susie Bodine Holahan

Brookline MA Mini Reunion, 2010

Brookline, MA Mini Reunion, November, 2010: 66ers from MA, NH, ME, RI met in Brookline, MA at Rusty True Browder's home.
Left to Right: Front row: Mable Dubois Ellis, Anne Strong, Ann Shapiro Zartler, Sandy Northrup Wixted, Rusty True Browder, Nancy Nitikman, Sarah Cross Mills, Noel McCoy
Middle row: Nancy Davis Rohrer, Laura Gordon Fisher, Perry Palmer, Peggy Carson Clark, Susan Field Mullens, Abby von der Hyde Summersgill, Polly Price, Merry Reynolds Touborg, Sue Lang
Back row: Sally Beck Baker, Deb Eaton Keeney, Sue Werner Thoresen

Parsons Mini Reunion, 2010

Parsons Mini Reunion, October, 2010 in Portland, ME: Left to Right: Gregory Dodge Wollon, Leslie Judd Graitcer, Lee Coveney, Morgan Henning Stebbins, Candace Cooper Walworth, Maggie Mowen Brown, Tilda Dana Mitsakos, Barbara Rouse, Sarah Cross Mills, Ann Eglin Allen

Morrow Mini Reunion, 2010

Morrow Mini Reunion, September, 2010: Sandy Putnam, Tanyss Rhea Martula, Gail Kern Paster, Julie Haenel Friedman, Jean Progner King, Anne Boehm Wilson, and Jane Jacobs Bassett at Gail Kern Paster's home in DC. This was the first time that the Morrow House alums have gotten together since graduation.
Morrow and DC Mini Reunion, 2010

Gail also very kindly included DC area classmates for a cocktail party with the Morrow House classmates.
Front row: Ruth Phang, Evy Fogarasi, Jane Bassett,and Jean King.
Back row: Sandy Putnam, Tanyss Rhea Martula, Gail Kern Paster, Anne Boehm Wilson, Jennifer Urquhart, Caroline Soleliac Carbaugh, Julie Haenel Friedman, Ann Eglin Allen, and Sheila Brown Arbury.

Jordan Mini Reunion, April, 2010
Jordan Mini Reunion, April, 2010.
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Jordan Mini Reunion, April, 2010. We had 3 days with 9 classmates from Jordan. We went for "tea" at Jordan House on Friday and had wonderful conversations with the students. We stayed at Hotel Northampton/Wiggins for 2 nights, and Anna got a separate cabin/room in the parking lot where we had our get-togethers. Had a wonderful tour of the campus in the rain - lunch was in Scott gym for the whole campus (including us). Some of us toured the art museum afterwards. We heard the current Smithereens sing (they are completely different from our '66 group), while others went to student meetings for new students. We went to dinner at a wonderful restaurant in town - Sierra Grill.

One Jordanite came back for the first time since she left before her Junior Year. It was delightful to reconnect with her and with the others and we hope it generates interest in coming back for reunion (so far, it has).

For more photos, click here. (You have to join Snapfish to see the photos.)

Baldwin Mini Reunion, 2010
Baldwin Minireunion, 2010: Back row: Jen Harris, Sue, Sylvia, Beaufort, Karen, Hope, Janet
Front row: Tuey, Pat, Anne, Candy, Connie, Gail, Jennifer Urquhart

Baldwin Mini Reunion, 2010

Top row: Hope, Karen, Candy, Sylvia, Pat; Third row: Janet, Beaufort, Connie
Second row: Jenifer Harris, Sue, Jennifer Urquhart; First row: Gail, Tuey, Anne

A mini reunion for members of the class of 1966 in Baldwin House was held at Anne Marshall Henry’s house in Callawassie Island, SC on April 16-18, 2010. There were 14 of us attending: Candace McElroy, Jenifer Levenson Harris, Sylvia Fang Chen, Pat MacKay, Susan Bates Eddy, Gail Hashagen Christie, Janet Rhoads Pinkowitz, Beaufort Noel Willbern, Karen Grant McWhorter, Jennifer Urquhart, Hope Malmgren Moore, Connie Birgel Haile, Turalu Brady Murdock and Anne Marshall Henry. We stayed at Anne’s house and two nearby villas leased for the weekend. We prepared food at Anne’s and otherwise kept expenses at a minimum, so that finances would not preclude anyone from attending.

Many of us had not seen each other in more than 40 years. Rather than spend all our time together reviewing the last 40 years, we decided to fill out a questionnaire to let each other know what we had been doing since college and what our thoughts were on a number of topics. Tuey Murdock and Pat MacKay designed a fun questionnaire that taxed our memories and focused our thoughts. The questionnaire results were released within three weeks of reunion and renewed our interest in attending.

Given that many of us no longer have responsibility for parents and children and many have retired, it was easier for people to get away than it might have been earlier in our lives. Thanks for Karen McWhorter for tracking down all our Baldwin classmates and initiating the discussion of whether, where and when to have a reunion. Originally we expected 20 but one death and health, family and job obligations kept a few others away. We already have plans in progress for another get together in the next 18 to 24 months.

The weekend was an incredible gift to ourselves. Everyone had a wonderful time, renewed old friendships and got to know people they had not really known in college. It was amazingly warm, affirming, sharing, and caring. Pat MacKay and Anne Henry have launched a group Face Book page to share pictures of the event and enable us to easily ‘Continue the Conversation’.

Maine Mini Reunion, 2010
Mini Reunion at Susan Field Mullens' in Maine, April, 2010:
Front: Paula Protze Titon, Nancy Davis Rohrer, Susan Field Mullens
Back: Perry Palmer, Nancy Reynolds Davison, Sarah Cross Mills, Helen Taft, Janet Exter Butler

Laura Scales Mini Reunion, 2009
Laura Scales Mini Reunion in New Hampshire, July, 2009:
Left to Right:
Betsy Beers Joyce, Sue Werner Thoresen, Anne McCarthy Forbes and Lindy Hough

Class Officer Mini Reunion, 2008
Class Officer Mini Reunion in Sonoma, California, June, 2008:
Left to Right:
Lois Hoffman Thompson, Sarah Cross Mills, Ellen Roop Fisher, Elsa Pottala Pauley and Diana Kopp McDonough

Chapin Minireunion Sept. 29, 2007
Chapin House Sept. 2007 mini-reunion in Northampton:
Top row, Left to Right:
Mabel Dubois Ellis, Pam Watson Sebastian, Elsa Pottala Pauley, Caroline Soleliac Carbaugh, Virginia "Winkie" Meyer Grandison. Bottom row: Jean Claggett Brokaw, Margaret "Beebles" Lawson Shaw, Judy Stern Golub, Alice "Small" Van Buren Kelley, Betsy Gilbertson.

Class Officer Mini Reunion, February, 2007
Class Officer Mini Reunion, February, 2007:
Left to Right:

In February, 2007, I traveled from Rhode Island to California, by the invitation of Diana Kopp McDonough. (We are co-vice presidents of our class.) Diana picked me up in Los Angeles where I was visiting Lois Hoffman Thompson, my Smith roommate and special gifts chair. Our class president, Elsa Pottala Pauley, joined us for dinner. Diana treated me to a wonderful tour up the California coast. Two other class officers awaited us near Diana's home in Sonoma. In San Rafael we picked up Sarah Cross Mills, co-secretary, for lunch with Ellen Roop Fisher in Berkeley.

Ideas for reunion flew fast and furious, as did conversations on many topics. We all enjoyed each other's company so much. Plan a mini-reunion of your own.
.........Ann Zartler
Ann, Diana, Ellen, Sarah at Berkeley, CA, February, 2007
Left to Right:
Washington DC Mini Reunion, March 12, 2006
Washington DC Mini Reunion, March 12, 2006:

Left to Right:
Los Angeles Mini Reunion, October 30, 2005
Los Angeles Mini Reunion, October 30, 2005:

Left to Right:

San Francisco Mini Reunion, Sept.  2005
San Francisco Mini Reunion, Sept. 2005:

Back, Left to Right:

Front, Left to Right:

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