Registration Help

You must register to become a member of U-Knight. U-Knight membership is limited to authorized individuals only. You will need to identify yourself from the list of eligible members to initiate registration. Registration is only necessary during your first visit. After you complete your registration and choose a User ID and password all future visits will simply require that you enter in your User ID and password.

Registration Step 1: Search for your record

Registration Step 2: Select your name from the search results list

Confirm it's me

What if I can't find my name?

What if I'm already registered?

Registration Step 3: Validate your security information

What If My Security Information Doesn't Match?

Registration Step 4: Select User ID and password

Terms and Conditions

Registration Step 1: Search for your record

The first step of the registration process requires that you locate your name from the list of eligible members.

Enter your information in the search form provided. Last name is required at a minimum. You do not have to complete the full form to perform a search for your name and it is recommended that you begin by just searching for last name, since this will yield the highest chance of success in finding your record.

Registration Step 2: Select your name from the search results list

You are presented with a list of all of the names of individuals who matched your search.

Your name should appear on this list. If it doesn't, select the New Search option and search using just your last name. If you are still unable to find your listing, email your information to the U-Knight administrator.

Confirm that it's me

If you do find your name on the search results list, click on the name. You will be given additional information on that specific listing to allow you to verify that in fact this is your own listing.

What if I can't find my name?

If none of these names listed appears to be yours, click NEW SEARCH to return to the Search form and refine your search criteria. It is also recommended that you search with last name only and, when applicable, try variations of your last name. For example, "De Rosa" may be listed as "DeRosa". If you still cannot find your name after searching using all possible entries, your name may have been inadvertently omitted from the member list. If you believe you are qualified to join U-Knight and have not been successful in your search, email You will be prompted to enter personal data, which will be sent directly to the U-Knight administrator so that your case can be researched.

What if I'm already registered?

If the system informs you that you are already registered, there are a few possible explanations:

  • You really have already registered. If this is the case, you don't need to register again. Simply go to any any Geneseo alumni web page and locate the login box in the lower left corner. Enter your User ID and password and click Log In. If you have forgotten your User ID or password go to password recovery.

  • You selected the wrong name from the list. There may be other members in your community member list that have the same name as you. Compare the additional information provided and make sure you did select the right name.

    If you do not remember registering, or if you are still having difficulty, please contact the U-Knight administrator.

    Registration Step 3: Validate your Geneseo ID

    In the validation field, enter your Geneseo ID. If you are unsure of your Geneseo ID or it isn't matching, use our Genseo ID lookup tool to find it.

    If the information displayed is not correct, make a new selection from the search results list by using your browser's back button to return to the previous screen.

    What if my security information doesn't match?

    If you are informed that the security information does not match, press the Back button on your browser, verify the information you entered, and try again. If you are still unable to successfully enter your Geneseo ID, use our Genseo ID lookup tool to find it. If this still doesn't work, email the U-Knight administrator and they will attempt to find your GID for you.

    Registration Step 4: Select User ID and password

    Select the user ID and password that you will use to access U-Knight for future visits. You are also required to provide an email address for receiving communications from the U-Knight administrator and other members, your mother's maiden name for validation purposes if you forget your User ID and password, and agreement to the Terms and Conditions of User for U-Knight.

    Your User ID and password must be different. Both are case-sensitive, so be sure to enter them exactly as you wish to use them. Use care in selecting your User ID, since, this will become the first part of your Permanent Email Address if you choose to get one. User IDs, once selected, cannot be changed.

    Passwords must be between 6 and 20 characters long. You can change your password at any time after you register. Go to the Change Password page in the My U-Knight Settings page if you wish to change your password.

    Terms and Conditions of Use

    All members of U-Knight are expected to adhere to certain norms in their use of the system, their interaction with other members, and their treatment of the information that the system provides. In order to register for the community, you must first read and agree to these terms and conditions. To acknowledge your agreement, select the Accept button on the registration form when asked the question "Do you accept the above terms and conditions?"