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We live for each other!

Welcome to the Omicron Alpha Delta Pi alumnae website!  We hope that all of our sisters will consider attending the chapter's 100th anniversary in Fall 2011.  In preparation for that anniversary, we have solicited personal updates from all ADPi alumnae.  Below are the responses we've received.  If you'd like to add your update to this group, just email us at dukealumnaerelationschair@gmail.com

We are very excited about the possibility of extending these renewed connections beyond simply knowing about each other's lives.  If you are interested in becoming more involved in our chapter either on campus or in the alumnae association, there are several ways to participate.  In light of the 100th Anniversary of Omicron's chapter (which we will celebrate Fall 2011), we would love for alumnae to volunteer from each class as networkers, reconnecting and inviting fellow sisters.  There are several other ways to be involved, especially if you are still in the Duke area.  Please contact either Jennifer Tennyson, the Durham/Chapel Hill Alumnae Association President at jtt3@mindspring.com or the Alumnae Relations Chair at dukealumnaerelationschair@gmail.com .  We live for each other!
Alumni Updates:


I'm a 2000 graduate from the engineering school.  I completed Business School at Kellogg School of Management in 2005 and joined Boston Scientific Corporation shortly thereafter and have been there since.  I'm currently working in sales in Chicago and was married in 2007 to a peer from business school.  I try to make a few of the Duke game watches here in Chicago and have a few Duke friends in the city that I still get to see. One, Kate Walters is also an ADPi currently attending Kellogg.

ADPi was a great place when I was back at Duke. It was a group of sincere, interesting women who also knew how to have a good time.  There were many laughs through the years and I keep in touch with many of the girls from my class.

Carla (Yarger) Benigni
I'm the event planner for a Boston-based non-profit that is striving to end family homelessness.  I plan both fundraising events and events for our scholarship program.  This program gives about $11K a year toward college educations for women who were previously homeless with their children.  It's a lot of fun, and I've met a couple of celebrities through my work.  I'm living in Davis Square, which is in Somerville, MA (a close suburb of Boston).  It's a blast!
Lauren Phillips-Thoryn
I'm currently working as a paralegal with the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice in DC.  I'm planning on going to law school, probably (fingers crossed) in two years.  Though transitioning from a 1.5 day work week to a 5 day work week has been tough, it's been a rewarding change.  Hope everything is great down at Duke!
Beth Treseder
Duke Class of 2008
After I completed my undergraduate degree at Duke I was a high school teacher. My husband also graduated from Duke and did his medical residency there.  We were married in Duke Chapel and christened our first baby there.   Then I went back to Duke and earned a Masters degree and then a Ph.D.   Now, I'm a professor at UNC-CH.  I've grown to love the Tar Heels, but my loyalty will always be to the darker shade of blue.  I come to Duke several times a month, either to meetings, for chapel services or to see our son who is a Duke senior.  Our oldest daughter also went to Duke.  I always loved rush weeks when I was an ADPi because I met so many wonderful people - many of whom are still friends. 
Suzanne Allen Gulledge
Great to hear from you... I just moved to Charlottesville, VA this summer to start a job as a school counselor in a middle school here. It's been so fun adjusting to a new city and a new job-- although the kids are often quite challenging!! I'm so excited ADPi at Duke is turning 100 soon!! ADPi has meant so much to me-- my sisters are definitely the ones from college who I have the most memories with and keep in touch with the most often. I would love to come down for the reunion so I'll have to mark my calendar!
Megan Kingsley
I was a teacher in California and then India after I left Duke (started my own social justice curriculum when I went to India called Indian-Americans for Democratic Education Abroad), and have been a Senior Program Officer for Education and Youth Programs at an international development agency called Mercy Corps for the past two years.  Actually one month ago, a former Duke ADPi sister (she was a senior when I was rushing) approached me about her amazing film (she is a filmmaker) and asked me to be the Director of Education and Outreach for the documentary.  It is about the conflict in Kashmir - so you all should definitely look into it and reach out to her!  It's already been nominated for the academy film festival.  Her name is Geeta V. Patel and the film is called Project Kashmir.
I'm still in touch with a few of my favorite people from ADPi but my absolute favorite part of being in it was having my diamond sister family.  I loved those girls --- Doreen DeFaria (big big), Katie Connor (big), Christie Wrightson (lil), Kathryn House (lil lil) and Courtney Sauer (lil lil lil).
Smita Trivedi
After graduating with my masters of education in Learning and Teaching from Harvard Graduate School of Education, I moved back to Chicago to teach.  I am teaching 3rd grade at the school I went to as a student and am loving every minute of it!
Amy Joseph
I am in my first year at Duke Law School.  I'm working hard and having some fun too, but campus just isn't the same without my pledge class sisters around!  Some of my favorite times with ADPi were the semi-formals and formals - there's nothing better than a night out with my best friends.  I loved the conversations we would share at dinner, and then dancing the night away with the whole sorority!
Caroline Mix
It's nice to hear that the ADPi's are still alive and well at Duke!  I married a fellow Dukie, Dave Webb, whom I met freshman week on campus (when he was trying to pick up my roommate in the cafeteria). :)  We've been married for 32 years, are still huge Blue Devil fans, live in the Chicago suburbs and have 3 kids.  I worked for a number of years in human resources (mostly corporate recruiting and management training) before deciding to stay at home to raise our kids and to volunteer heavily within our school system.  Our youngest just went of to college this year, so it's a transition time for me.  So far, I've spent the fall traveling with my husband, who happily retired from his career with Merrill Lynch several years ago.
Amy Mathis Webb
I am happy to hear that things are going so well!  After graduating from Duke I worked for the Justice Department in DC for two years. I quit that job in June so I could attend law school. I am currently in my first year of law school at Washington University in St. Louis. So all I ever do is study, but it is actually pretty fun. I'm glad to hear that things are going so well back at Duke!
Julie O'Neill
Class of 2006
Since graduating, I've been working in marketing/advertising in NYC. Currently, I work at a large advertising agency in account management. Outside of work, I've spent a ton of time taking advantage of everything the city has to offer: art museums, parks, nightlife, restaurants, volunteering, etc. It's been a blast!

Claire DeChant
Class of 2006
I am a trusts & estates/corporate attorney in Charlotte. I also attached a picture from Cathy Biddlecombe's -- now Cathy Lang -- wedding last month at Duke Chapel. Pictured are me, Cathy, and Cara Kimberg (all ADPi '04).

Thanks! Glad to hear that all is well at Duke.

Diane Blackburn
Class of 2004
I am Nancy Corbett, '78.  I live in New York and Fairfield, Connecticut right now, and have a twelve-year-old son.  I have stayed in touch with several ADPi's since Duke – we have remained quite close.  Such a great sorority!
Nancy Corbett
Class of 1978
I lived in Gilbert Addoms with lots of close ADPi friends.  Many of us are still in touch and still very close friends.  In fact, we have started having an annual reunion of GA women (we stayed in the same dorm all 4 years when it was part of the Women's Campus).  Our reunion is at Holden Beach, NC where I have a house and my friend Mary Ward (Kappa, same class) has a house.  We get lots of GA people to show up, many of them ADPis.  It was and still is a warm group of loving friends who are even more interesting all these years later.
I live in the DC area (Chevy Chase, Md) and am a divorce law attorney.  I am divorced with 2 adult daughters, Anne Foley, age 30, private school teacher and administrator in DC, and Meg Foley, age 27, modern dance choreographer and dancer in Philadelphia.

Jan White
Class of 1967 and President of ADPi that year
I am on the House Corporation Board for the Zeta Rho Chapter here at Vanderbilt; they are having their 30th Anniversary on Nov. 7, 8, and 9.  My husband and I were at Duke last April for my 50th. What a celebration!!!  He has always said that Duke does how to put on a Reunion celebration!

Henrietta Reed Powell
Class of 1958
Wow! 100 years! I was the Rush Chairman and then chapter president of ADPi when I was at Duke (class of 73). And even though I was from Delaware and about half of our pledge class was from near or above the Mason-Dixon line, we still had the image back then of being a "southern sorority."
Now I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I have a 17-year-old daughter, Katherine, who is interested in art school, and not Duke. I anchor the news at 5,6, and 11 on WCPO-TV, where I have worked since 1986. Before that, I worked for a station in Lancaster, PA.
It's surprising for a city hundreds of miles from Duke, but I took a walk today with Susan Nobles Smith, also an ADPi ('73) and just a couple of weeks ago, I ran into Jody Akers ('75). 
Carol Williams
I am enjoying retirement, travel, and grandchildren.  I enjoyed my years at Duke and will be back for my 50th reunion in April.  I felt honored to be chosen to be a member of ADPi.
Virginia Bole MacEwen  ("Ginger")
After graduation I moved to San Francisco to work for Gap, Inc., entering the corporate retail industry and participating in their Executive Training Program in Retail Management.  I became a merchandiser upon completing the program and began my career at Old Navy corporate in San Francisco: I worked in the women's division, handling dresses, outerwear, woven tops, and sweaters throughout my time there.  I loved it, had a great experience and learned a ton; San Francisco is such a great city to make the college-to-life transition!

About 4 months ago I decided to make a change in both job and location; I moved to Los Angeles to work for Juicy Couture.  I am currently working in merchandising at their corporate offices, handling the women's core business: velour and terry track suits, logo tees, and some basic knits business.  I absolutely love LA, and the job keeps me very busy - I'm definitely still learning the ropes, but very glad I made the change.

Beyond that, I have some really great Duke friends in the area, and two of my best girlfriends are ADPi's, too!  Nicole Desrosiers and Kelly Fong live and work in LA and I spend quite a bit of time with them - such a blessing to have two people who knew me in college in my new life here as well.  We reminisce ALL the time about our ADPi days at Duke: crazy date functions, retreats, lip syncs...
Hope all is well at Duke!
Regina Holman
I have been living in Washington, DC ever since I graduated Duke and am still loving this fantastic city.  I have been working for The National Capital Area chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for 2 years doing special events.  I manage a handful of big events each year that each raise critical funds to support our mission: to cure leukemia, lymphoma & myeloma and to improve the quality of life of patients and their families.
I am still very close with many of my ADPi friends from Duke.  We see each other regularly and enjoy recalling many fun stories from our time at Duke and with ADPi.  I'm afraid there are way too many to tell…

Loree Lipstein
Class of 2003
I am currently in Cambodia and have just finished up my year as a Fulbright Scholar. In Cambodia, I researched the visual representations of trauma in Cambodia's visual culture, specifically focusing on one artist and Khmer Rouge survivor. I also was a research fellow at the Documentation Center of Cambodia and co-curated an exhibition there entitled Reflections: Democratic Kampuchea and Beyond, which was the first historical-visual overview of the Khmer Rouge period in Cambodia. For the next month, I am  working as consultant for DC-cam on another exhibition called Gunnar in the Living Hell, which visually traces the trip of one Sweden foreign delegate who came to Cambodia during 1978 on tour of Cambodia when the Khmer Rouge was in power. For the first time in 30 years, Gunnar will come back to Cambodia to meet with ordinary Cambodians and share his thoughts and opinions in communal level discussions.

My favorite ADPi memory from Duke was being a New Member Coordinator. I'll never forget the night we had a sleepover in Stephens' and my apartment, and it really gave me a great chance to get to know the younger class. And who can forget Formal with the end of the "electric slide" in ‘07, recruitment junior year with Arana, Forbes, Stephens, and Demason when we dressed up as PNM's, bus rides home, and Mallard Ball 07. 

Sarah Jones Dickens
I was an ADPi at Duke from 1986-1990. I started Duke as a January-Freshman (not sure
you have those anymore), but rush was a wonderful way to get to know people.
I loved being in ADPi. I found the sorority the most inclusive when I was at Duke and that is why I pledged the sorority. I was a social chairman and arranged lots of fun socials and even one with the IGC and NPHC fraternities and sororities on campus.
I also loved our mixers and formals with Kappa because I had lots of friends in that sorority and I loved the fact that we didn't have to live in a sorority house so it was easy to have friends in lots of sororities.
Today I live in the DC area. I married a wonderful man I met at Duke -- our first date was an ADPi formal!  I am a producer for 60 Minutes and my husband is an ER doctor.
Denise Schrier Cetta
Trinity '90
Every once in a while I wonder how ADPi is, what it's like now, if you still have Psych 60s, and mixers with Pikes!  I graduated from Duke in 2002. Now I teach Economics to seniors in high school at The Galloway School in Atlanta. I am married (I'm now Lexi Fields) and expecting my first child, a boy, in early March! It seems like just yesterday my pledge class ('99) was painting the bridge on East campus! I hope you and the other ADPi girls are having as much fun as we did!
Lexi Fields
Upper Learning Economics
The Galloway School
I am a Clinical Psychologist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders.  I own a group practice called Insight Psychological Centers, LLC, and we conduct individual, group, and intensive outpatient psychotherapy for individuals struggling with eating disorders in downtown Chicago and on the North Shore.  I have three children; two boys ages 11 and 9 and a girl age 8. I am planning to attend the reunion in the Spring of '09 - our 25th!  I particularly enjoyed our semi-formals!  I look forward to seeing some of you on campus reunion weekend. 
Susan Foti McClanahan, Ph.D.
I am an OB/Gyn with my own practice in Lancaster, Pa.  I married my college sweetheart, Andy Jones.  We have three beautiful sons: Orion (7yr), Liam (3 yr) and Declan (2 this Nov).
       My pledge year we had our initiation ceremony at the UNC or State ADPi house (can't remember which).  It made the ceremony especially cool. 
Kara Fitzmaurice Jones
Class of 1992
I graduated with the class of 1998.  (Shockingly old, you would never believe at your age how time flies, which makes me sound old, of course, but I can vividly remember my senior year and thinking the same).  I also have an MPH (Univ of South Florida, c/o 2008) in Global Communicable Disease.
I graduated in Bio/French, and I am currently working as a hospitalist at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem while my husband, Michael Yarnoz (also class of 98) does a one year fellowship in Electrophysiology.
I also work a U.S. Medical Director for a nonprofit named ServeHAITI, which operates a health center in a rural region of Haiti.  I ended up going to Haiti 4 - 6 times a year to direct public health projects, including a $1.17 million dollar PEPFAR-NPI grant administered by USAID.
  What was Duke and ADPi like when I was there?  It was known as the sorority of the volleyball team, and had not a few soccer players as well.  I was terribly intimidated by it all my first 2 years, but then came back from my study abroad and suddenly was launched as Treasurer, I guess because I didn't care if people didn't like me when they balked about paying their dues.  (:  In the end I had some very good friends that I met through ADPi, but I certainly wasn't a socialite when I was there.

Duke was different.  The campus was smaller of course (I went for my 10 year reunion a few months ago and was amazed at all the new buildings).  The ban on alcohol didn't exist, but was coming around.  I can remember very fun on-campus parties freshman and sophomore years really.  People didn't make eye contact on the BC walkway (which didn't have those lovely gliding picnic tables, that is for sure).  We had 2 on-campus bars, one in the shadow of the chapel that had the most disgusting sticky floors, and one on central, where I worked for a year.  My freshman year was truly bizarre sports-wise, with a winning football season and a trip to a bowl game, and a near-losing basketball season.

Charmaine Anne Lewis, class of 1998
I was at Duke 1970-74 and was the Rush Chairman in 1973 and President in 1974.  It was awesome at Duke when I was there and we regularly had 100+ in our sorority, pledges included.  The Greek spirit was awesome, and the Duke basketball team was not nearly as respected then as they are now!!  We even owned an ADPi house during my tenure which we sold my senior year.  It was off campus and 4 sisters lived in it.  We mainly used it for meetings but it was actually too small for much else.  We sold it because it was not convenient to campus and had a lot of repair costs associated with it.
I am living in Dallas and have kept up with several sorority sisters over the years, which has been so much fun. 

Barbara Tapp Schmidt
I graduated in 2001 and I loved my time in ADPi (I was EVP my senior year).  My younger sister Kelly Harris was also an ADPi at Duke (graduating in 2004).  I am currently living in Dallas TX with my husband Tyler Eaton and son James Henry Eaton who just turned one year old.  I am a manager at Accenture where I have been since I graduated (so for 7 years now), doing technology consulting specializing in Technology Architecture.  Additionally, I conduct alumni interviews for Duke in Dallas and I also help with recruiting for Accenture.  I enjoy keeping in touch with Liz Rees Giardino (Duke '01) and Carey Campbell (Duke '01) who were both in ADPi with me at Duke.  Carey just had her first child – a son – Cooper Williams – last week and Liz is pregnant and due at the beginning of December. 

I have included a picture of the Duke ADPis who came to my wedding in the summer of 2004 -  Top Row – Teresa Christopher ('03) / Sara Harris Eaton ('01) / Tess Carter ('04) / Kelly Harris ('04) / Amanda Lanzl ('04) / Johanna Von Hofe  ('04) / Liz Rees Giardino ('01) Front Row – Carey Campbell ('01) / Berkeley Smith Yorkery ('01)
I also include a picture of myself, my husband Tyler and my son James. 

Sara Harris Eaton
Class of 2001


I have been working at Duke Corporate Education in Durham, NC since graduation in 2006. As a program manager, I do logistics for executive education courses. This has kept me busy flying all over the world, with recent trips to Hong Kong, Mexico, and Dubai. When around town, I also assist in teaching PSY 138 at Duke - look for me there!
Amber Ivins

I am a 1994 graduate.  I am currently enrolled in a PhD program in
applied economics at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  I
started school again this fall and bring with me experience on Capitol
Hill, in the corporate world (including an MBA), and as a local
economic development director.  I am hoping I will be able to use my
experience to do interesting research work and teach economics at the
university level.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Duke and the friendships I made
through ADPi.  Some of my closest friends today are women I met in
ADPi.  We had a lot of fun then and, when we get together now, we
still have a blast!  One of my favorite memories is "mountain weekend"
when we rented a cabin in the mountains, went hiking, and just hung
out.  It was so great to get away from campus for a few days and be in
the woods!  :)
I have many great memories of my time at Duke!
All the best,
Heather Stephens
I am glad to hear things at Duke and with ADPi are going well.  I am currently in my second year of medical school at UNC- but I still remain a loyal Duke fan. :) And, in terms of favorite memories- of course I love Waffle Breakfast!
Claire Larson
As a member of the class of ‘61 I have many happy memories being an ADPi at Duke. I was a double legacy (both sisters were ADPi's at Duke).  You can imagine my delight to meet all the precious girls in Omicron since I had been told by both sisters that I'd better not pledge elsewhere! Of course you can also imagine my delight and RELIEF to be asked to join such a special group. In those days we had a Panhellenic Bldg and each sorority had one room in which to meet. I still remember the white sofa!!!! During my sophomore year we were informed that the Panhel Bldg was to be torn down. We were moved to Carr Bldg. Our room was 119 Carr Bldg!!! What a come down. And that is where we stayed until we graduated. Needless to say sororities were not very important to the administration during those years but we survived. I was always proud to be an ADPi. It gave me a sense of belonging that I needed at such a large university. Now I am happy to report that our first grandchild is an ADPi pledge at ECU. She was initiated with the same pin that all 3 Waldrop girls wore when we were ADPis at Duke.
Grayson Waldrop ReVille
Class of 1961
Currently, I am pursuing an MBA in Strategy and International Business at NYU Stern. After graduating in 2010, I hope to start a career in strategy consulting. Ideally, I would like to help companies devise strategies to enter emerging markets or expand their business in developing nations.
Some of my favorite ADPi moments happened after graduating. A bunch of us lived in DC, and I have very fond memories of nights out on the town, restaurant week dinners, and watching duke basketball games together. I guess that shows that the bond lasts longer than the four years at school!
Tess Carter
Class of 2004
Since I left Duke I traveled with my family and friends for most of the summer.  Since August I've been living in Washington DC in a really cute apartment with Elizabeth Duke!  We really like it here and the area has great shopping and night life.  I'm working as an actuarial analyst in the retirement practice at a human resources consulting firm.  I've been studying hard for my second (of many) actuarial exam in November.  I miss Duke so much but I love DC!
Jessie Burchell
I recently graduated in May 2008 from Duke's Fuqua School of Business and started working for a management consulting firm, A.T. Kearney, in New York City.  My favorite memories at Duke were hanging out on the quad in spring time with the girls!

Ann Tansamrit
Class of 2002
I live in Raleigh where I am Legal Counsel at the North Carolina Community Foundation.  My 15 year-old daughter, Elizabeth, is a freshman in high school and attended the American Dance Festival Young Dancers' Program at Duke this past summer.
Mary Morgan
Class of '85
I was the Formal Social Chair for ADPi and lived with fellow ADPi Jamie Trauner (Rosen) senior year. While at Duke, I built a solid group of friends in my pledge class and enjoyed spending time with my ADPi family. We shared great times during Spring Break and Myrtle trips and at parties and formals like Psych 60s and Black Diamond Ball. I graduated in 1999 with a BA in Biology and Environmental Science and Policy. After graduation, I started my career at Gap Inc. in San Francisco as a participant in their Retail Management Program. After the program I moved into Old Navy Marketing and then to Old Navy International Sourcing where I managed the production of garments in factories all over the world. I married Matthew Aschraft (Stanford 1999) in 2005 and was lucky enough to have one of my best friends and fellow ADPis in the wedding, Julia Matheson. Other ADPi friends also made the trek to California to help us celebrate. Currently, I am at UCLA Anderson School of Management pursuing my MBA. I will graduate in 2009. I am actively involved in many on-campus activities at UCLA Anderson, though I do find it difficult to root for the Bruin basketball team! I still keep in touch with many ADPis. It has been great celebrating major events in many ADPi friends' lives over the years like weddings, graduate school graduations and new babies. We are all very excited to see each other at our ten year Duke Reunion in April.

Picture 070: Duke ADPi Jennifer Johnsen (Brownlie)'s Wedding this summer: From Left to Right: Jamie Rosen, Julia Matheson and Me
Picture 094: Duke ADPi's at Jen's wedding on the dance floor singing our pledge class song to Come on Eileen

Kristin Dubas Ashcraft

Great to hear from ADPi! I graduated in '99 and was the social chair for a while when I was at Duke. I am currently living in NYC, teaching public school, 5th grade. I am also engaged and will be getting married in December. Very exciting! My fiance and I are looking forward to coming down for my 10 year reunion this coming spring. Hopefully there will be some ADPi events we can go to!
Bonnie Johnson
I live in San Francisco now, and I am glad to see that ADPi is still going strong at Duke.  I feel like an oldie moldie, since I graduated in 1982.  I have attached some pictures of our group on bid night, at a Delta Tau Delta formal, our class picture, and a photo of my family.  I met my husband of 23 years at a Delt keg party on Wannamaker Patio (different times, huh?), went to the Homecoming dance, and the rest is history!  My ADPi class was quite tight at Duke, and we still stay in touch with one another.
Jane Cook

I am currently completing a fellowship in pulmonary and critical care medicine at Vanderbilt, where I also did my residency. I was married in 2006; my husband Christian works at a law firm here in town. We would welcome any news from ADPi and Duke! Also if anyone we needs a place to stay in Nashville, eg for interviews, or just a visit, we have an extra room and would love to host!
Carla Sevin
I'm living in Columbia, SC, working in Resource Development and Fundraising for City Year, a national service organization under the AmeriCorps umbrella.  I've had the pleasure of serving as the first Alpha Delta Pi representative to the new Columbia Alumnae Panhellenic Association, and have met some wonderful sisters from the Beta Epsilon chapter here. I was on campus for homecoming, and I loved seeing all the ADPis around - sweatpants, vineyard vines totes... it seemed like everywhere I looked there was an ADPi!  Glad to hear things are going well up in Durham.

Whitney Evans, T'04
Right now I am living and working in Pittsburgh, PA at Magee Womens Hospital in a department called Family Planning Research. Hopefully I will be attending med school in the next two years (keep your fingers crossed). Also, I am getting married July 18th of 2009! I will still be living in the Pittsburgh area after that.

One of my favorite ADPi memories from Duke was Sigma Chi Lip sync when we all wore the white shirts at Shooters. Can't forget that. Also, my freshman year spring formal when my date ran into the glass wall and got a huge knot on his head. But there are many good memories.
Melissa Gilmore
Since graduating in '07, I've entered a master's program in Marital and Family Therapy at the University of San Diego. I'm currently in my second year and have secured an internship at Children's Hospital in Outpatient Psychiatry where I now work doing family therapy with kids. Of course, I miss Duke and all my ADPi sisters more than anything.

Theresa Viglizzo

I finished my Master of Divinity degree at Boston University School of Theology in May, 2008.  I am working as a Chaplain at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, and at the First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain.  I keep myself busy traveling, biking, going to lots of weddings and baby showers, and loving living in the northeast... most of the time!
Kathryn House
Jeff and I love flyfishing, living in Lynchburg, having 3 grands and 3 dogs.  Daughters Elizabeth and Melissa are in Richmond and Atlanta with busy lives as accountant and teacher.   Jeff is solo practice in rheumatology which he still loves, and I am volunteering in many areas but most especially at the Anne Spencer House & Garden.
Sandra Wilson Duke
Class of 68
I graduated in 1993 and still keep in close contact with many fellow violets (Serina Vash Hamlin, Susan Ochs, Jodi Ginsberg Zwiebach, Laura Broderick, Danielle Christie Lachman, Elizabeth Pickett Steine).
I currently lead the consumer marketing group at Nickelodeon in New York City. I spent a few years in advertising after Duke and then went on to get my MBA at Harvard.  Since then I have spent most of my years focused on marketing...whether it be as a consultant at McKinsey or at companies such as Ann Taylor and now Nickelodeon.
I have fond memories of Duke and can't believe that my 15th reunion was this past year!  I am attaching a picture of my dear friend Susan Ochs and I at a recent charity fundraiser that I created called cycleforsurvival (cycleforsurvival.org).  I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called sarcoma about 4 years ago. I have undergone 3 major surgeries and over 23 months of chemotherapy. I love to exercise so I started a charity event and have raised close to $800MM dollars for cancer research (you can read all about it at cycleforsurvival.org).  If your chapter has the need to do some charity fundraising and awareness, I would so love for you to form a satellite team and ride on January 25th (read all about it on the website and let me know if you have any questions). Sue dressed up as Wonder Woman to support me on that day :)
Some of my fondest memories of being an ADPi at Duke...so many!
    * I remember dressing up and lipsyncing/dancing as the Back Street Boys for a Sigma Chi fraternity event...who would have known that they are back in vogue now?
    * I remember trying to steal the "Pedro Statue" from South of the Border on the way to Myrtle Beach during an ADPi/ATO mixer...we almost got arrested!
    * I remember RUSH...so much work - but we closed first the year I was rush chair and got the best class of pledges
Jennifer Goodman Linn
Rush Chairperson of ADPI for the pledge class of 1993


Duke was a great place in the 60's when I was there. Drugs were not on campus yet, i graduated in '66, and alcohol was the legal 'drug' of choice. Only the Lord knows how He protected me when I was riding in cars driven by drunk drivers. We could not have cars till we were seniors and even then not many did. The bus was what we used, or walking or getting rides with others who did have a car. ADPi was good for me as I was shy, coming from an all girls' high school in a class of 36. It provided a good social group of like-minded young women with similar values. The upper class women tried to guide us into good choices as freshmen.  When I moved to Virginia Beach years later and was looking to make friends I attended an alumni get-together and made contacts that I have enjoyed.  Also, my daughter pledged ADPi when she went to Longwood.  Hope all is going well with all the Pis at Duke these days.
Jean Hoppe Hurston
I'm currently living in Cambridge, Ma, and am finishing up my last year of law school at Harvard. I'll be moving to DC in August to work for Ropes & Gray doing general litigation. I've attached a pic from a few months ago when my pledge class sisters Julie Granger and Becca Parrish and I had a mini-reunion here in Boston - and of course, took the requisite diamond picture!


Julia Lewis

I graduated from Trinity in 1993 and then received an MBA from Fuqua in 1996. I met my husband, Allan Latts, while at Fuqua and he happens to be a Dukie Class of ‘91. We were in Cincinnati for 5 years working for Procter and Gamble and now have been in Louisville, KY working for my family's business, Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. for almost 8 years. We have a son Jake who is 8 and a daughter Lindsey who is 5. We try to make it down to campus every year or so to catch a basketball game or just visit. We miss it lots.
When I was a Duke in the early 90s, it was the final days of keg parties. No one had email, cell phone or Facebook but we all managed to find lots of time to hang out the quad and west campus benches.
Kate Latts
I'm Jenny Widmer and was in the class of 1968 (Sara Jane "Jenny" Fallis on the official books!).  I loved being an ADPi at Duke.  School started towards the end of Sept when I was there, and we had rush within a month.  When I entered Duke, I knew I wanted to be in a sorority, and had my eye on Pi Beta Phi because several friends from high school already at Duke were Pi Phi's.  However, I was quickly won over by the ADPi's.  At the time, all the women lived on East Campus and the dorms had all 4 classes in them.  The larger and more popular sororities such as ADPi would usually be predominant in a dorm, and at the time the ADpi's were predominant in Gilbert where I was.  My rush advisor (do they still have them?) was an ADPi, and she told me after I'd pledged that some of the Pi Phi's had jokingly told her that if I went ADPi instead of Pi Phi, that they were going to think there was collusion going on!  Of course, there wasn't, but I quickly learned it was ADPi for me!  We had a cafeteria in the bottom on Gilbert Addoms that was mainly used by Gilbert Addoms and SouthGate residents.  So there was usually a table of ADPi's there to join.  My freshman roommate went ADPi, and most of my best friends from my class were ADPi's.

It was always disappointing that we didn't have a permanent meeting place.  All the sororities met in the classroom building next to Giles (I can't think of the name now).  We had the same room there all 4 years, but it would have been better to have a house or section like the fraternities did.

The sorority was important to me all 4 years and my senior year I was fortunate to be elected Vice President and also Most Outstanding Senior for my senior year. 

As we've had our reunions since graduation in 1968, it's been the ADPi's and Zeta Tau Alpha's who have consistently had the largest group returning for the weekends. 

My best friend in the sorority was Jeannette Farmer Dickey, whose daughter Laura just graduated last spring.  So I've been fortunate to hear from Laura about some of the things going on while she was there.

Jenny Widmer

I am currently in my last year of law school at Yale and will be clerking for a federal judge next year and then practicing law at a firm in New York.  I hope ADPi is well.  I am actually in the class of 2005 (although I technically graduated early in Dec 2004) so I will be coming to my reunion next year.
Katie Wilson-Milne
Thanks for reaching out to us "old folks"!  I am the proud parent of three Dukies...Katie 06 (Delta Gamma, sigh...), Jack 08, and Mike 12.  And I am enjoying reconnecting with my ADPi buddies who also are parents...Janis Rehlaender, Leslie Smith Metge, and Anna Gundarsson Pfieffer. 
I come to the Duke campus fairly frequently...just returned from Parent's weekend with our freshman, and have accepted an invitation to sit on a consulting panel for Career Day in the end of Jan.
I am a Professional Development Manager at McKinsey in our Silicon Valley office and would love to get more Dukies in McKinsey's recruiting pipeline!  Professionally, I went into investment banking as a financial analyst (Morgan Stanley and Citibank) after graduating in ‘77 (back in the days when such positions were just starting to happen), attended Harvard Business School, and joined McKinsey in San Francisco as a consultant.  I have worked for McKinsey off and on since my children were born, as well as taking some years as a full time mom and also pursuing my interest in inner city education in Boston.  I returned to the full-time corporate workforce 4 years ago, first at eBay and then back at McKinsey.  I am an avid golfer...
Jay Sullivan
I graduated from Duke in 1975 and was an ADPi my whole time there.  My mother was an ADPi at Duke in the late forties and early fifties.  So I have a long history with Duke ADPis.
I am a partner with the law firm, Alston & Bird LLP.  I head up the firm's Trademark and Copyright Practice and have been practicing law since 1985.  I am in our Charlotte office.  We have over 800 attorneys with offices in Atlanta, New York, LA, Washington DC, Dallas, Charlotte and Raleigh.  My experience at Duke clearly prepared me to be able to handle the challenges of law school (at Wake Forest) which allowed me to have many exciting opportunities thereafter.
I have two wonderful sons.  The older went to Duke and graduated in 2003.  His wife also graduated from Duke undergrad in 2003 and from Duke law school in 2007.  Their wedding was in the Duke Gardens in May 2007 and they now live in Charlotte.  My younger son graduated from NC State in 2005 and still lives in Raleigh.
Sororities in the 70s were a bit out of sync with the evolving times but we had a fun time anyway.  It was a challenge to change from our hippy clothing into suitable outfits for sorority rush which was still somewhat like dressing for Sunday school...but we somehow managed.  ADPi had an off campus house while I was there, but it didn't last long.  I can't remember what happened or why we got it or why we lost it.  We were not allowed to have but a certain number of girls in the same sorority on the same
hall in dorms.  I've forgotten what the number was.  We were considered the "southern" sorority at Duke.  Not sure why.  The big 3 sororities were ADPi, Tri-Delts and Kappas.  I believe there were a total of 7 sororities on campus then.
Long straight hair was "in" as were mini skirts, hip huggers with wide legs, short tank tops, blue jeans and tie-dyed shirts.  We were today's retro look all the way.  Polyester was the latest fad fabric which instantly melted whenever anyone's cigarette was flicked.  We bought our blue jeans at the hardware store which used to be on what is now 9th street.  The drinking age was 18 for beer and wine and 21 for hard liquor.  You had to brown bag at all restaurants in NC then. We drank Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
and Thunderbird Wine because it was all we could afford. Cigarettes were $.25 a pack and we had a cigarette machine in the dorm. You could buy a carton for $2.00.  The Ivy Room had $1 pitcher nights on Wednesday nights.  The only food options on campus were the East and West Campus Cafeterias.   Streaking was still popular as were panty raids.  Guys had long hair and long sideburns.  Plaid suits were all the rage.  No one had eating disorders.  Most still smoked cigarettes.  There were no health or exercise
enthusiasts.  Tab was as close to a diet food as we had.  The basketball team was so bad, you could walk into any game at half time at Cameron and get a seat.  They still had four corners in Basketball and there was one game with NC State where the final score was 10 to 7. We lost. Dean Smith was the coach at UNC. We lost the infamous game to them where we were ahead by 8 with 17 seconds to go (I think those are the right numbers).  Football was the same as it is today, sad to say.
We were the first class of women to graduate from Trinity College (prior women graduated from the Women's College).  Women still had curfews our first semester in the fall of 1971.  Curfews were thankfully abolished in January 1972.  We were the second class to have men on East Campus and women on West Campus.  Computers took up entire buildings.  Calculators cost hundreds of dollars.  I had one of the few electric typewriters in all of Alspaugh which was shared by everyone. There was no white out...but we did have correction type which was a terrible substitute.  We had one television in the common area for the entire dorm.  No one had phones except for the hall phones.  Long distance calls were unheard of except for getting calls from your parents.  Going to your mail box was a daily excursion so you could get news from home and from boyfriends who did not go to Duke.  It was before computers (obviously) so all research was still done with the tedious use of card catalogs. We spent lots of time in the
library.  There were no copy machines.  We had stereos to play our records on.  There were no cassette tapes and certainly no CDs.  It was only 35 years ago, but it might as well have been in the dark ages technologically.  Nixon was in office. There was still a war going on in Vietnam.  Elton John, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, and James Taylor were all popular while we were in school.  Sony and Cher were still together as were Ike and Tina Turner.  The first gas crisis was in 1974 and we had to
wait in line for hours to get gas for the few who had cars.
Martha L. Gayle (now Martha Gayle Barber) Duke 1975
I am class of 1988.  Currently living in Chapel Hill but about to relocate to Carbondale, CO.  I attended law school at Washington & Lee, practiced law for 10 years, then took some time of to have my children, Emily (8) and Andy (6).  I currently work as Assistant Director of MBA Admissions at UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School, which I will continue to do in Colorado.

I have great memories of all my ADPi friends, some of whom I saw at our 20th reunion this past April (Sonya, Kimberly, Adrienne, Ann, Merrill) and many others who I still keep in touch with (Annie, Kim, Katie, Sally).  Of course we had the best pledge class!
Julie Wiley
I am still living in Columbus, OH, where I have been since graduation in 2003. I am about to close on my 2nd house which my 4.5yr old pup, Lily, and I will greatly enjoy! I am working as a Merchandise Manager over Male & Female Swimwear and Sleepwear and Male Underwear at Abercrombie & Fitch. It is an incredibly busy job that I enjoy immensely. I spend a lot of my free time as the New Member Co-Chair Elect for the Junior League of Columbus, which is an international women's service organization dedicated to bettering the community and developing trained volunteers.
One of my favorite ADPi memories, which I was actually just thinking about yesterday, was our Mountain Weekend. A huge group of us rented a couple of condos in the NC mountains (near Appalachian State) and had a blast. We made pizzas, played games and talked all night. It was one of my favorite weekends in the sorority.
Ann Schmid
Class of 2003
I graduated in 1993 (BS), and went to Tufts Universtiy Medical School with my now husband Kory Tray (BS class of 1993 as well) who I met at Duke my Junior year.  We both graduated with honors, Alpha Omega Alpha, then trained at Yale New Haven Hospital.  We are in private practice in our respective specialties.  Kory is a Nephrologist in the Connecticut Multispecialty Group out of Hartford Hospital and has been named one of the “Top Docs” in CT since he has been in practice (now 6 years).  I am an Obstetrician-Gynecologist with Obstetrics-Gynecology & Infertility Group out of Yale New Haven Hospital (now in practice for 7 years).  Kory and I have 3 children: Kobe (boy) 7 years, Zoe 5 years, and Kaya 2 1⁄2 years.
Maria Rhee, MD
I have attached a recent photo of us.
I am excited to be living in New York and starting my job at Barclays Capital as an Investment Banking Analyst in the Industrials Group. It was fun to catch up with all the ADPis who could make it to Homecoming and I hope to see more of you soon. Look me up if you are going to be in New York.
Gina Ireland
I am currently living in Akron, Ohio where my husband, Dean, and I have been for 27 years now!  I have been a "Jack of All Trades" in that time period.  I was an International Calling Officer for "AmeriTrust Corp." in their US and Canada Group for several years when we first moved to Ohio in the early 80s.  Then I quit the paid working environment for several years while I was "Mom" to Lindsey (now age 25 living in Cary, NC), and Caroline (now age 23 living in Atlanta, GA).  During those years I was active with our church, PTA and community organizations.  I became the Business Manager for my daughters' High School, "Our Lady of the Elms High School" here in Akron for close to 10 years until my father became terminally ill in Pennsylvania with cancer.  At that time, I quit my full time position and tended to my mother who has memory loss.  When Mom entered an Assisted Living facility several years ago, I worked part time for a lovely, independent Book Store - sadly - just out of business this year called "The Blue Heron Bookstore" in Peninsula, OH.

So as you can see....I've led a varied, but most happy career!  Currently, I'm unemployed outside the home - just getting ready to have our family all come home for Thanksgiving!

Ann Westman
Trinity College, 1977

I graduated in 1987 and in 1991, married David Dahle, Duke '87 and moved to Greenwich, CT.  Four years later, we relocated to Philadelphia with a 6 week old baby girl in tow.  We have lived here for the past 14 years and have two girls, Becca and Emma, ages 14 and 12, who are in the 9th and 7th grades.
From graduation until I had Becca, I worked as an actuarial and employee benefits consultant. During the time we have lived in Philadelphia, I have not worked, but have volunteered for my girls' school and several local nonprofit organizations.  In Spring, 2008, I co-founded a new nonprofit foundation called Impact100 Philadelphia.  Impact100 Philadelphia seeks to unite at least 100 women in a common philanthropic effort to support nonprofit organizations in the greater Philadelphia region and will award a $100,000 grant to a local nonprofit each June.   You can visit our website for more information at www.impact100philly.org .
Just this afternoon, I received a phone call from my ADPi little sister!  She lives across the county, in Colorado, but we reconnected several years ago when my family was vacationing in Beaver Creek, CO on a ski trip.  It is hard to believe that 21 years have passed since we were in school together.

Beth Margel Dahle
I'm a senior citizen, graduated from Duke in '53!  I taught middle school English for 32 years and was named Outstanding English Teacher in NC one of those years.  Retirement is great!  My husband and I love to travel and have been to Europe many times, also Hawaii and Alaska.  Our very favorite country is England, which we've visited about 20 times.  Last year we thoroughly enjoyed Austria, Hungary, and Poland.  Our next jaunt is a third Caribbean cruise.
We have 3 children and 8 marvelous grandchildren!  Our oldest two are at Appalachian and the University of Pennsylvania.
While at Duke I lived in Bassett House – no men – and enjoyed life on an all girl campus. I sang in the chapel choir, served on various committees, was a class officer, and was a member of several Greek letter groups, including Phi Beta Kappa. Our ADPi chapter had a room in the Pan Hel building--that's all.  I hope you have better quarters now.  We had dances, sister breakfasts, and projects.  I'm sure you are doing far more than we were able to do, and I wish you good luck with your anniversary activities.
Nancy Hobbs Banks
Since graduating from Duke in '75, I married my college sweetheart and went on to have 6 wonderful children, 5 0f whom graduated from Duke and the oldest went to Vanderbilt - only one girl in the bunch and she joined KKG.  33 years later, we became proud grandparents to another future Dukie – Class of 2030!   Since we had a Duke Chapel wedding for my daughter and all the boys are dating Duke girls, we have been very much involved with campus life at Duke over the years, helping with reunions and with my husband, Jake '73, being on several boards there. Fortunately, with my husband working so hard in the family business, I have been fortunate to be a "stay at home" Mom all these years and now devote myself to a full time life of volunteering with Hospice and our church's Homebound Ministry. I still get together with my college roommate and several other ADPi's.  We used to have elaborate Circus Parties at Rush time (I was President and Ring Leader- they go hand in hand) and always had "candlelights" when girls got pinned or engaged.  I feel that tradition has gone and it was a lovely sorority highlight.
God Bless You, Jody Akers
Picture: Homecoming at Duke...Little C made front page news!  Just click on the link and the very first picture is my daughter, Alex Ketner '00, and our new grandson, Christian  Jody
My ADPi friends are very special to me - many of those with whom I shared the ADPi experience at Duke continue to be close friends, and we stay in touch via e-mail and Duke alumni reunions, etc.

For the last ten years my husband and I have lived in Maine, where I am involved in a number of endeavors relating to the safety and security of elders.  I am part of local and state elder abuse task forces, state and local Triad partnerships (I worked on the Triad initiative nationally while we lived in the DC area - this is a partnership of law enforcement, seniors, and social services dedicated to reducing the criminal victimization of older persons).   I host a cable television program with information for older persons.  Maine has offered many opportunities to get involved in projects which I believe are worthwhile, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

Betsy Cantrell
Bath, Maine
Since graduating in 2004, I moved to Michigan and started law school at the University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor.  I graduated from law school last year and moved to New York.  I'm currently working at a corporate law firm in Wall Street and enjoying New York city.

    I have attached four photos of ADPi girls from college and post-college.