Student Alumni Association (SAA) Application
Student Alumni Association (SAA) at Chatham University is looking for students who want to become active in the campus community and work with alumni of Chatham University. When filling out the application please take into consideration your willingness to become involved and other time commitments. Please answer all the questions completely.
Personal Information

Please enter your phone number in the following format: xxx-xxx-xxxx.

On-Campus Involvement

We frequently hear from our alumni about how much they enjoy meeting with and talking to students, whether it is to offer career advice or to talk about their memories of Chatham. You will be amazed after talking to an alumna for a few minutes to learn about where they have been, what they have accomplished, and the pride that they have in this institution. We hope that this pride can be shared with you and passed on to future generations of Chatham alumni.

Please check your information carefully for accuracy, and then click "Submit."