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This exclusive, password-protected online community is now available to all alumni of Brown Mackie College. Search for former classmates, network, access career resources, post a message, obtain a permanent email address...all within Alumni Connections! Brown Mackie College offers these resources to alumni at no charge. Register today to establish your UserID and password.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns about this community. Email us at BMCAlumniSupport@brownmackie.edu

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Greetings Brown Mackie College Alumni:

It is my privilege to welcome you to Alumni Connections, the Brown Mackie College (BMC) online community exclusively for BMC alumni. Alumni Connections is dedicated in providing alumni with a wide-spectrum of information and activities dedicated to engaging and energizing the proud, and distinguished, graduates of Brown Mackie College.

The definitive goal of Alumni Connections is to ensure that the online community is an educational support, and networking resource for the rest of your life. We hope that you will keep us apprised of your accomplishments, important milestones and allow fellow alums the opportunity to celebrate them with you. Let Alumni Connections be a source for you to cultivate relationships, and create opportunities for a continuous connection with Brown Mackie College, your fellow alumni, and the community.

The success of Alumni Connections is tied to your ongoing involvement and commitment. Please take a moment to register as an "Official BMC Alumni" by clicking here. You will do a one-time registration and create a UserID and password that will allow you future access.

If you have trouble registering or have questions about your directory information, please e-mail BMCAlumniSupport@brownmackie.edu or contact your local Director of Career Services.

It is our hope that you will consider this site as your point of contact with the College and your fellow alumni. In the meantime, it is a pleasure to welcome you to Alumni Connections!

Best Wishes!

H. Michelle Toney, MA.,CRC
Executive Director of Student Affairs
BMC Alumni Relations

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