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Welcome to the official website of the Yale Alumni Association of Cleveland!

The Yale Alumni Association of Cleveland ("YAAC") is a dynamic group that seeks to serve Cleveland, stay connected to Yale and have fun. Cleveland boasts one of the larger alumni groups in the nation, so local alumni can expect to meet Yalies of many ages and with many interests. We enjoy social, networking and community service opportunities, and support local students in the process of applying to Yale. 

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News From Yale

Yale Alumni Association has big plans for 2014-2015

The Yale News has an article on the big plans for the coming year for the AYA. Learn More.

Spotlight: Yale senior takes on the plight of Nicaraguan sugar workers

After she graduates in May, Yale senior Madison Sharp will focus some attention on a problem that became an ardent interest in her final year: the high incidence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) among sugarcane workers in Nicaragua. Learn more.

The fluorescent future of solar cells

For some solar cells, the future may be fluorescent.

Scientists at Yale have improved the ability of a promising type of solar cell to absorb light and convert it into electrical power by adding a fluorescent organic dye to the cell layer. This squaraine dye boosts light absorption and recycles electrons, improving the conversion of light into energy. The results suggest a new route for the development of lower-cost, higher-efficiency photovoltaics, the scientists said. Learn more.