About the Western Alumni Association

The Western Alumni Association is the foundation of the WWU alumni community. Through social, learning and volunteer opportunities, we connect alumni and friends to Western Washington University.

Alumni Association Mission Statement

Our mission is to strengthen Western by building strong and caring relationships that make
a difference among our students, alumni, friends and the greater University community.

Alumni Association Values Statement

  • Advocacy We believe that we are ethical advocates for Alumni, Students, Faculty, and the University and that we will be good stewards of our environment and community.
  • Excellence We seek the highest quality in everything we do, by continuously leveraging technological advances and improving programming, customer service and communication.
  • Innovation We believe in exploring new ideas and concepts in an effort to create value where none existed.
  • Balance We want to promote a vibrant organization, improve productivity and work quality while retaining highly skilled staff.
  • Collaboration We seek an office environment that encourages active outreach to Western community members in an ongoing effort to partner for mutual benefit.

Alumni Association Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage is developing caring relationships that connect the Western community; alumni, students, friends of the university, faculty and staff, so that each can benefit personally and professionally.

Alumni Association Brand Principles

A Brand Principle is, quite simply, the unique approach to our mission. This approach sets us apart and allows us to fulfill our mission in a unique way. The brand principle articulates how we add value to our member’s lives. The Brand Principle flows directly from the Competitive Advantage articulated above.

Our unique approach to fulfilling our mission is:

Building Connections through Caring Relationships

Staff and members of the Alumni Association will seek to build connections within the Western community through the development of caring relationships. In short, alumni connect with students, other alumni, faculty, staff and supporters of the university because they care about the University and each other.

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