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Class of 1952

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Use these pages to communicate with classmates, find class event news and view/post online class notes.


Class of 1952 60 Year Reunion

June 7-10, 2012

View the Schedule of Events for Reunion Weekend 2012

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Reunion Committee

Full Name Email
Mr. James J. Brown
Mr. Thomas F. Fucigna
James J. Gallagher, Ph.D.
Mr. James F. Guthrie
Mr. Walter R. Hauck
Mr. Andrew J. Markey
Mr. Warren J. McDermott

 Lost Alumni from the Class of 1952

Contact the Alumni Association at 1-800-VILLANOVA (800-845-5266) or email if you know the home or email address for any of these alumni.


Name Name at Graduation
Mr. Philip N. Altomare Altomare
Mr. Peter V. Anania Anania
Mr. Richard F. Becker Becker
Mr. John P. Bednar Bednar
Donald E. Bray
Herbert A. Carnes, M.D. Carnes
Mr. Rev Cunningham Cunningham
Mr. William J. Curran, Jr. Curran
Mr. Adolph J. Derosa Derosa
Mr. Daniel J. Digiacomo Di Giacomo
Mr. George J. Dignan
Mr. Thomas R. Donahue Donahue
Mr. John J. Dromgoole Dromgoole
Mr. Alfred H. Dugas Dugas
Mr. Eugene F. Fahy Fahy
Mr. Carl L. Fili, Jr. Fili
Mr. John J. Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick
Mr. Richard V. Flanagan Flanagan
Mr. Robert J. Fredrickson Fredrickson
Mr. Aaron Friedman Schelle
Mr. Rafael A. Fuster Fuster
Mr. Francis S. Galazeski Galazeski
Mr. John W. Galshack Galshack
Mr. James B. Gibbons Gibbons
Mr. John P. Gillen Gillen
Mr. Alberto Gorbea Gorbea
Mr. Edwin D. Gray Gray
Mr. Gerald T. Greenwood Greenwood
Mr. Martin A. Grill Grill
Mr. Roger A. Hanafin Hanafin
Mr. Jose A. Hands Hands
Mr. James E. Hughes Hughes
Mr. Jose E. Jimenez Jimenez
Mr. Joseph S. Kamienski Kamienski
Mr. Edward S. Kardaszewski Kardaszewski
Mr. Clifford P. Kibbe Kibbe
Mr. Raymond J. Kiernan Kiernan
Mr. John L. Klein Klein
Mr. Kenneth K. Kline Kline
Mr. Robert T. Latimer Latimer
Mr. Paul B. Livoti Livoti
Mr. John E. Loftus Loftus
Reverend Joseph A. Maher Maher
Mr. Vincent T. Malcolm, Jr. Malcolm
Joseph Mascuch
Mr. Richard J. Matthews Matthews
Mr. Edward T. May May
Mr. William I. McCloskey McCloskey
Mr. Richard J. McCormack McCormack
Mr. Francis X. McCusker McCusker
Mr. Donald F. McGettigan McGettigan
Mr. William F. McNierney McNierney
Mr. Stephen G. Mullelly Mullelly
Mr. Arthur T. O'Rourke O'Rourke
Mr. William J. Rademaker Rademaker
Mr. William J. Reardon Reardon
Mr. Joseph Restic Restic
Mr. John S. Rider Rider
Mr. Lucien M. Schneider, Jr. Schneider
Mr. Bertrand C. Sellier Sellier
Mr. Mark G. Shaffer, Jr. Shaffer
Mr. John L. Sherry, Jr. Sherry
Mr. Benjamin B. Stewart, Jr. Stewart
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