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Class of 1957

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Use these pages to communicate with classmates, find class event news and view/post online class notes.


Class of 1957 55 Year Reunion

June 7-10, 2012

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Reunion Class Committee

Full Name Email
Joseph Edward Clark, PhD
Mr. William C. Hamburger
Mr. J. William Jones
Dr. Robert F. Lima, Jr., OIC
Mr. Terence J. McHugh, Jr., P.E.
Mr. Raymond W. Muench
Mr. Edward J. Russo
Captain Richard J. Schleicher, USN
Dr. James J. Schuster
Mr. James R. Shea
Mr. Robert E. Smith, Jr.
Mr. Robert G. Strayton
Mr. Henry F. Whalen, Jr.

Lost Alumni from the Class of 1957

Contact the Alumni Association at 1-800-VILLANOVA (800-845-5266) or email if you know the home or email address for any of these alumni.


Name Name at Graduation
Stewart William Cole
Mary Elizabeth Connolly Connolly
Anthony Joseph Corbo
James L. Cunjak, D.D.S. Cunjak
Peter Joseph Curley
Mr. Joseph Anthony DeGrazia
Mr. Thomas C. Decker Decker
Mr. Michael J. Dougherty Dougherty
John Robert Ellis, Jr.
Thomas M. Finerty
Paul Maurice Fitzgerald
Mr. Joseph Fitzmaurice Fitzmaurice
Mr. Donald T. Gallagher Gallagher
Mr. Richard A. Griffith Griffith
Sister Mary Agnes Dolores Haggerty, O.S.F. Haggerty
Mr. Matthew J. Hulbert Hulbert
Arthur Noel Hurteau
Arthur L. Jones, Jr.
Mr. Denis J. Kuwahara Kuwahara
John Anthony Lorenzo
Mr. Laurence Joseph Marhoffer
Mr. Thomas J. McAllister McAllister
Mr. Andrew H. McGlincy McGlincy
Mr. Henry F. Miller Miller
Mr. Francis Joseph Mingey
Mr. Thomas Edward Morrin
Mr. Robert T. Morrow Morrow
Mr. Vincent Paul Nentwig
Mr. Richard Thomas Newman
Mr. Andrew R. Panik Panik
Sister Mary Auxencia Polakowska, C.S.F.N. Polakowska
Mr. Richard J. Quinn Quinn
Mr. Douglas W. Ramsbottom Ramsbottom
Ms. Dorothy S. Rolfe Steinberg
Lt. Col. John J. Rozman, USMC Rozman
Mr. John G. Schiller Schiller
Mr. Robert Michael Serena
Mr. James A. Smith Smith
Mr. Carlos Torovilla Torovilla
Sister Mary Mercita Trinity, C.R.S.M. Trinity
Mr. Rocco V. Tuzio Tuzio
Reverend Bernard L. Tyler Tyler
Mr. Russell P. Unfreed, Jr.
Mr. James Joseph Veerland, Jr.
Mr. William F. Walker Walker
Mr. Robert Joseph Widenman

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