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Class of 1992

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Use these pages to communicate with classmates, find class event news and view/post online class notes.


Class of 1992 20 Year Reunion

June 7-10, 2012



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Reunion Committee

Name Email Address
Mr. Brian F. Cull
Mr. David P. Didier
Mr. Anthony K. Gallagher
Mr. Joseph C. Guarino
Ms. Michelle D. Hicks
Mr. Andrew S. Lakatos
Mr. Bruce J. Matzinger, Jr.
Ms. Kristin Seeger
Mr. Howard A. Shallcross
Theresa "Tessa" A. Uminga, Esq.


Lost Alumni from the Class of 1992

Contact the Alumni Association at 1-800-VILLANOVA (800-845-5266) or email if you know the home or email address for any of these alumni.


Name Name at Graduation
Mr. Karl Walter Abendschein Abendschein
Mr. Raymond J. Ade Ade
Mr. Anson H. Asbury Asbury
Ms. Linda M. Barbosa Kissel
Mrs. Sonya A. Beigel Kelsey
Mr. Gavin Robert Bray Bray
Mr. Daniel C. Breen Breen
Mrs. Gina A. Buffa Stefanacci
Ms. Antoinette P. Calimag Calimag
Ms. Amanda M. Carnes Carnes
Mr. Gary Christopher Cell Cell
Ms. Marybeth Clarke Clarke
Mr. Gavin M. Coman Coman
Mr. Randell F. Cornman Cornman
Mr. Anthony M. Costanzo Costanzo
Mr. Charles P. Daly Daly
Mrs. Melissa B. Day Dimarco
Mr. Michael L. Dechnik Dechnik
Mr. Brian E. Derby Derby
Peter R. Devries, M.D. Devries
Ms. Amy T. Dockus Dockus
Ms. Laura M. Donaldson Donaldson
Mr. Marc A. Dowdell Dowdell
Mr. Paul J. Dubicki Dubicki
Ms. Julie A. Edmunds Edmunds
Ms. Patricia Louise Fisher Fisher
Mr. Thomas M. Friel Friel
William J. Frio, Esq. Frio
Mr. Daniel P. Galo Galo
Mr. Marc J. Garganigo Garganigo
Ms. Cynthia H. Goehringer Goehringer
Mr. Michael A. Gordon Gordon
Mr. David W. Grumbine, Jr. Grumbine
David H. Hajek, Esq. Hajek
Ms. Jeannine K. Halphen Halphen
Ms. Kristi Handler Handler
Mr. Stephen J. Henske, Jr. Henske
Mr. Paul S. Heuwetter Heuwetter
Mr. Patrick T. Higgins Higgins
Mrs. Ann M. Huey Vaccaro
Mrs. Wendy M. Hutto Anderson
Mrs. Julia A. Jacobs Jacobs
Mr. Adam I. Karron Karron
Ms. Susan Kaye Kanavy/leister
Mr. Andrew M. Kenworthy Kenworthy
Mrs. Maureen A. Kingsbury Hart
William L. Kingsbury, Esq. Kingsbury
Mr. Steven C. Lauzon Lauzon
Ms. Katherine E. Leahy Leahy
Ms. Karen M. Lynch Lynch
Mr. Hanuman Mallubhotla Mallubhotla
Mr. Vincent S. Marasco, Jr. Marasco
Mr. Luke K. Marone Marone
Mr. George F. Mead Mead
Ms. Melinda A. Meaney Meaney
Mr. Michael T. Nolan, Jr. Nolan
Ms. Eucharia U. Onyeizugbo Onyeizugbo
Mr. Steven J. Palermo Palermo
Ms. Rupal Patel Patel
Mr. Andrew C. Peck Peck
Ms. Anupama Sanjay Prem Sagar
Ms. Jennifer A. Price Price
Mr. Patrick L. Queenan Queenan
Mr. Christopher P. Reese Reese
LT Michael E. Rodgers Rodgers
Mr. Sean E. Rooney Rooney
Mr. Timothy J. Roscoe Roscoe
Mr. Nicholas Sanfilippo Sanfilippo
Mr. Kamran Sayrafian Pour Sayrafian Pour
Mr. Eric J. Schwartz Schwartz
Mrs. Laurie Q. Seigh Quigley
Mr. Daniel E. Simmons Simmons
Mr. Stephen M. Spedding Spedding
Mr. Peter J. Staunton Staunton
Mr. John J. Stewart Stewart
Mr. Richard N. Subbio Subbio
Mr. Hasshi L. Sudler Sudler
Ms. Jean E. Sullivan Sullivan
Laurie Sullivan, Esq. Sullivan
Robert J. Sullivan, M.D. Sullivan
Mr. Sunderarajan Thyagarajan Thyagarajan
Mr. Joseph Ungrady Ungrady
Ms. Erica L. Wellington Wellington
Mr. James P. Whalen, Jr. Whalen
Ms. Karen T. Wilder Wilder
Mr. Bryan D. Wilson Wilson
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