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Class of 2002

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Class of 2002 10 Year Reunion

June 7-10, 2012

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Reunion Class Committee

Name E-mail Address
Mr. Joseph M. Anthony

Dr. Benjamin E. Baran

Mrs. Lindsay C. Baran

Ms. Jeanne M. Bolton

Mr. Michael Joseph Bucher

Mrs. Tanya M. Cornely

Mrs. Chowan O. Cowans

Mr. Mark T. DeCicco

Mr. Peter A. Del Prete

Ms. Julie Anne DiTrapano

Ms. Shannon E. Dresch

Mrs. Charlotte L. Faris

Ms. Erin O'Brien Feeley

Mrs. Jennifer Slike Fifer

Mrs. Greta Gilbode

Ms. Katherine V. Greene

Ms. Christa Heyward

Ms. Elizabeth C. MacKinnon

Ms. Lindsay A. Musselman

Ms. Cara M. Natale

Ms. Kristen Nungesser

Ms. Mary A. Paieda
Neena M. Pine, Esq.

Ms. Susan L. Reale

Mr. Tim M. Saccone

Mrs. Kimberly Ann Sheldon

Mr. David D. Shreni

Ms. Jennifer Lynn Tirado

Mrs. Pamela M. Vida

Lost Alumni from the Class of 2012

Contact the Alumni Association at 1-800-VILLANOVA (800-845-5266) or email if you know the home or email address for any of these alumni.


Name Name at Graduation
Ms. Ghada K. Al-Mukhaini Al-Mukhaini
Ms. Jennifer Amicone Amicone
Mr. Branden C. Barrett Barrett
Mr. Al Kallab Bashar Al Kallab
Mr. Scott E. Beatty Beatty
Ms. Elisabetta L. Beccalli Beccalli
Mr. Anmol Bhandari Bhandari
Ms. Cara Brugnoli Brugnoli
Mr. Michael Joseph Bucher Bucher
Ms. Caroline F. Campbell Sullivan
Ms. Lisa M. Caserta Caserta
Ms. Kathleen F. Cole Cole
Mr. Kris D. Cuccinelli
Mr. John T. Cunningham Cunningham
Mr. Brian D'Ambrosio D'Ambrosio
Mr. Anthony B. D'Inverno Dinverno
Ms. Annie L. Damiano Damiano
Captain Andrew S. Driscoll, USA Driscoll
Mr. Timothy D. Dunne Dunne
Mrs. Kerry A. Duvall McWhorter
Mr. Paul C. Edwards
Ms. Theresa K. Finn Finn
Mr. Andrew Fiori
Ms. Susanne L. Flanders Flanders
Mr. Christopher Curtis Flannery Flannery
Ms. Soniamarie A. Fulks Fulks
Ms. Davina Goldammer Goldammer
Mr. Brett A. Gordon Gordon
Ms. Carolyn T. Gorrie Gorrie
Mr. Darnell Greene
Mr. Alan M. Gula Gula
Ms. Elizabeth C. Gullotta Gullotta
Mr. Brian C. Gulotta Gulotta
Ms. Mary K. Higgins
Mr. Carlton F. Holbig, III Holbig
Mr. Antoine V. Johnson Johnson
Ms. Erika L. Kallstrom Kallstrom
Ms. Megan E. Knecht Knecht
Ms. Heather L. Lucyk Lucyk
Mr. Brian G. Ludolph Ludolph
Ms. Amy E. McAneny McAneny
Mr. Daniel V. Miller Miller
Mr. Anthony P. Modzelewski Modzelewski
Ms. Ashley M. Moore Moore
Mr. Mbugua M. Ngugi Ngugi
Ms. Lisa M. Norley Norley
Ms. Marie S. Otterbein Otterbein
Mrs. Megan L. Post Lacroix
Mr. Jared Randall Randall
Ms. Jean M. Reisman
Ms. Stephanie L. Remley Remley
Mr. Louis M. Rizzuto Rizzuto
Ms. Lauren M. Rooney
Ms. Lynn A. Santimauro Santimauro
Mr. Michael C. Schettino
Ms. Courtney L. Scott Scott
Ms. Joanna Sherman Sherman
Ms. Cynthia A. Snow Raaf
Mr. Francisc A. Sobaru Sobaru
Mr. Vikas B. Thakker Thakker
Ms. Angela D. Thomas
Mr. Mark B. Thompson Thompson
Mairin K. Van Shura, Esq.
Ms. Joan M. Vivaldelli Vivaldelli
Ms. Michelle L. Walker Walker
Ms. Shellene M. Warner Warner
Ms. Julia Christie Welch Welch
Mr. Brian E. White White
Mr. James C. Wilson
Mr. Christopher E. deGaray
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