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Class of 1982

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Class of 1982 30 Year Reunion

June 7-10, 2012





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Reunion Committee

Name Email Address
Mrs Elaine M. DaCosta
Mr. Deane M. Driscoll
Mr. William M. Fischer
Mrs. Maryteresa J. Giresi
Mr. Kevin E. Gosselin
Ms. Jennifer Murray Johe
Mr. Justin J. Lynch
Ms. Carol G. McKiernan
Mr. William G. Mulcahy
Mr. William T. Powers, III
Mrs. Linda A. Reilly
Mrs. M. Sharon Turner
Ms. Denise R. Venneri
James G. Wilson, Esq.
Mrs. Maureen T. Wilson

Lost Alumni from the Class of 1982

Contact the Alumni Association at 1-800-VILLANOVA (800-845-5266) or email if you know the home or email address for any of these alumni.

Name Name at Graduation
Mr. Thomas W. Bessmer
 Mr. Franklin B. Bonander  Bonander
 Mr. Donald J. Brady  Brady
 Mr. David E. Calfo  Calfo
 Ms. Shelmar A. Carruth  Carruth
 Mrs. Lisa A. Deluca  Smith
 Mrs. Elizabeth A. Gardiner  Gardiner
 Mr. Carl P. Giordano  Giordano
 Mr. George Gladis  Gladis
 Ms. Veronica A. Grosch  Grosch
 Ms. Susan H. Hahn  Hahn
 Mr. Edward J. Hennessy  Hennessy
 Mrs. Joan Boyle Hoffman  Hayes
 Ms. Kathy King  King
 Mr. Armando A. Lagrutta  Lagrutta
 Annamarie C. Luciani  Luciani
 Ms. Caroline B. Maiale  Hager
 Pamela M. Marshall  Marshall
 Ms. Lucille Pack  Pack
 Dr. Fred Pescatore  Pescatore
 Ms. Michele Prescott  Prescott
 Ms. Elizabeth A. Prill  Prill
 Ms. Michele D. Reuss  Mullins
 Mr. Barry W. Schell  Schell
 Mr. John W. Schurdak  Schurdak
 Ms. Joan A. Sellers  Sellers
 Mr. Joseph J. Smith  Smith
 Ms. Catherine A. Wilson  Wilson
 Mr. John P. Yohe  Yohe

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