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Community Service Projects

Email Lists - VU and Local

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Members of our Leadership Team Needed:

Please consider joining our chapter leadership team!  Typically our chapter does so well because of a broad group of volunteers each taking on just one piece of the whole puzzle.  Some areas that could use additional leaders include:  Athletics Group Outings (49ers, Phillies), Young Alumni Networking, Social and Career Networking, Social Media, Community Service, and any other cool ideas you might have.  Contact John Constantine.

Professional Networking:

Kevin Healey '88 has set-up a Bay Area LinkedIn group. 

This will be our main on-line connection point for career networking in the Bay Area.  This is a growing effort, so please search LinkedIn for Villanova and select the Villanova University Professional Network of Northern California.

Local alumni have reported success in finding career options by signing up through the Nova Network and posting professional information. 

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Northern California Chapter Email List:

Villanova sends a monthly newsletter to the Western US containing all our current events. This email list is maintained by the Villanova Alumni Office.  Contact the alumni office by clicking here to get on the Chapter email list.  In the email correspondence, provide your: 
- email
- name and graduation year
- address (city, state, zip at a minimum)  Your location is needed by VU to assign you to the Northern California email list.

(You may also call the Alumni office directly at 1-800-VILLANOVA    9 am -5 pm EST)

Local Priority Email List:

We maintain a local email list for impromptu notifications of social events, short term service projects, or to ask for volunteers / leaders for special events.   When Game Watch time comes, we will post the games on the website, but we may send reminders through this short list.

This list does not replace being on the Chapter List mentioned in the above section. This is informal, maintained by Don and used from time to time when needed. Please be sure you are on the main Villanova list.

Send John Constantine your:
- email
- name and graduation year
- address (city, state, zip at a minimum)
- phone

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