Class of 1989

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Welcome to the Class of 1989 Home Page

ReUnion is May 31 - June 1 2014

Registration is open through May 23, 2014 ~ Register Today! When you register be sure to select your tshirt size for the shirt for the parade!

We have a full weekend of events planned, see below. Highlights include a party in the 'Skellar, family picnic, painting the idol, hang out at Abbe Hall and a 25th dinner before the fireworks.

9 a.m. Class costume pickup, Reamer Campus Ctr., Rm. 410
5 p.m. L obster Clambake Dinner, Reamer Campus Ctr., Upper Class Dining
7 p.m. 25th Class Welcome Reception, Rathskellar

9 a.m. Class costume pickup, Alexander Lane
10:00 a.m. Class photo, Arrive at Alexander Lane 20 minutes before
10:30 a.m. Alumni Parade, Alexander Lane
11 a.m. Alumni Convocation & Awards, Memorial Chapel
12 p.m. ReUnion Family Picnic & Kids Carnival, Alexander Field
12 p.m. Paint the Idol, NW entrance to Frank Bailey Field
2:30 p.m. Class Social, Abbe Hall
5 p.m. ReUnion Kids Club, Viniar Athletic Center
7:30 p.m.?25th Anniversary Reception, Old Chapel

9 a.m. Bon Voyage Brunch, Reamer Campus Ctr.,
Upper Class Dining

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Class of 1989 who have registered so far (as of May 27):

Mr. W. Scott Adams
Mr. Richard M. Aguinaldo
Mrs. Jessica L. Alton
Ms. Maria Leonard Andrade
Dr. Jonathan E. Artz, MD
Mrs. Katie W. Boyd McGlenn
Mr. James D. Cirincione
Ms. Ruth A. Cohen
Mrs. Laura A. Colangelo
Mr. Christopher P. Comparato
Ms. Katherine G. Curtin
Mr. Robert A. Danziger
Ms. Julie Gallo Davis
Ms. Helene DeVries
Dr. Wendy L. Endress, Ph.D.
Dr. Scott Fisher, Ph.D.
Mr. David M. Frieze
Mrs. Katherine J. Gaffney
Mr. Douglas E. Gregory
Mr. Bruce E. Hopkins
Mr. Colin M. Ingersoll
Mr. Stephan T. Jaeger
Mr. Stanley A. Kitzinger
Mrs. Ilana L. Klinger
Mr. Alexander Korotkin
Mrs. Rebecca S. Levine
Mr. John F. Lovisolo, Jr.
Mr. John D. Lytell
Mr. Jonathan E. Mapstone
Mrs. Pamela K. Mazow
Mrs. Tristan A. McCann
Mr. Mark K. Megathlin
Mrs. Anne H. Moore
Mrs. Jennifer L. Morrison
Mr. David C. Morrison
Ms. Hilary M. Plattus
Ms. Risa L. Pollack
Mr. Christopher L. Ramsay
Mr. Richard H. Roberts
Dr. Kristen A. Santos, D.O.
Steven H. Scheichet, J.D.
Ms. Jennifer E. Schwartz
Mr. David K. Shapiro
Mr. William L. Slover, Jr.
Ms. Stacey J. Smalley
Mr. Christopher S. Smith
Mr. Michael B. Yezzi
? ?

Class Leadership


?Remus Preda

Vice President

Sherri Benner?


Alumni Counci Representative

Michael Moore?

Alumni Counci Representative

Susanne Fitzgerald?

Alumni Counci Representative

Stacey Smalley

ReUnion Chair

Patrice Trocivia

The Annual Fund - Class Head Agent

Ilana Klinger

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