Class of 1970

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Class of 1970
ReUnion Anniversary: 45th
Dollar Goal: $130,000                  Participation Goal: 48%        Attendance Goal: 21

Committee: Frank DeNunzio, Peter Ericson, Frank Felts, Ross Fraser, Rob Kent, Gerry Millman, Mike Passmore, Randy Robinson

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Class of 1970 Brochure
Class of 1970 Registration and Pricing Info

We would like to invite faculty members from our time at Union to join us at Saturday's hospitality reception (3 p.m. at Beuth House/Psi U). The Alumni Office will help to locate and invite those, if any, that might be able to attend. Please email your recommendation to Rhonda Engvold in the Alumni Office.

Classmates registered to attend ReUnion (as of April 2, 2015):
David Beardsley, Steve Ciesinski, Frank DeNunzio, R. Peter Ericson, Frank Felts, Ross Fraser, R. Brian Gillie, John Hammerstrom, Robert Kent, Neil Kramer, Gerald Millman, Bill Munno, Mike Passmore, Randy Robinson, Charles Simon

 Class parade/costume information:

Bring “accessories” for the parade to add to the memories of our Union years

- Were you the "preppie" look - madras, penny loafers w/o socks, straight leg jeans, button down shirts?
- How about the "hippie" look - head bands, bandanas, bell bottom jeans, tinted granny glasses, peace pendants?
- Carry items with memories of the era - posters, album covers, Union fraternity or athletic gear?

Class of 1970 ReUnion Events (view the full schedule of events here):
8 a.m. Garnet Blades Golf Tournament
9 a.m. Class costume pickup, Reamer Campus Ctr., Rm. 410
6 - 10 p.m. Class Welcome Reception & Dinner, Centre Street Pub, 308 Union St.

9 a.m. Class costume pickup, Alexander Lane
9:40 a.m. Class photo, Arrive at Alexander Lane 20 minutes before
10:30 a.m. Alumni Parade, Alexander Lane
11 a.m. Alumni Convocation & Awards, Memorial Chapel
12 p.m. ReUnion Family Picnic & Kids Carnival, Alexander Field
3 p.m. 1970 Hospitality, Beuth House Patio
6:00 p.m. Lobster Fest, Tents on Library Plaza
8:00 p.m. Coffee & Dessert Reception
9:00 p.m. Fireworks

9 a.m. Bon Voyage Brunch, Reamer Campus Ctr., Upper Class

Class Notes. The deadlines for magazine submissions are: March 1st, July 1st, November 1st (when submitting, please review these guidelines for Class Notes).

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