Class of 1964

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Welcome to the Class of 1964 Home Page

Your 50th ReUnion is THIS YEAR ~ May 31 - June 1, 2014

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The deadlines for magazine submissions are: March 1st, July 1st, November 1st (when submitting, please review these guidelines for Class Notes)

Class ReUnion Committee:

Saul Adler, Rett Benedict, Mark Dopkin, Robert Espersen, 
Jim Kelley, Jack Gold, Charlie McCullough, Mike Miller, John Patten, and Bill Wells

Class Agent(s): Lew Gedansky 

1964 ReUnion Updates

Our theme for the parade during ReUnion is The Beatles, recognizing that it's the 50th anniversary since they first played in the United States on the Ed Sullivan Show! When you register for ReUnion,  you'll choose a size for your Class of 1964 polo. Hats will also be available when you check in at ReUnion. We ask that you plan to wear khaki shorts/pants along with your hat and polo for the parade on Saturday.

Friday, May 30th we will gather at 4pm at the Nott Memorial to receive our 50th Medallion from President Ainlay. Immediately following this we have the cocktail reception at the home of President and Mrs. Ainlay. Our class will then gather in Hale House for dinner.

On Saturday, May 31 we will all gather at the steps of the alumni gym for our class photo at 9:35am. The parade begins at 10:30am and leads us to Convocation in Memorial Chapel. From here there is the ReUnion picnic, followed by plenty of activities and programs to choose Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening we will gather at College Park Hall for our class cocktail party and then dinner. Fireworks at the Nott will cap off the evening.

We have a wonderful weekend to look forward to! Please REGISTER TODAY!

Members of the class who have registered (as of May 26, 2014)
Dr. Saul M. Adler, MD
Dr. David C. Anderson, M.D.
Dr. Rettig P. Benedict, Jr., P
Mr. William F. Bernadt, Jr.
Mr. John H. Boles
Mr. Robert M. Brockner
Mr. Alexander C. Brown, III
Dr. Robert P. Buchwald, MD
Mr. Joseph H. Compagni
Mr. Mark D. Dopkin
Dr. John E. Dreier, Jr., Ph.D.
Dr. Lawrence B. Eisenberg, MD
Mr. Richard E. Engles
Mr. Robert J. Espersen
Mr. Paul K. Feldman, Esq.
Mr. Thomas J. Fori
Mr. Jeffrey Y. Fulmer
Dr. John M. Gold, MD
Mr. Bartle J. Gorman
Mr. Arnold S. Hausler
Dr. Lauren D. Holinger, MD
Dr. Harold M. Horwitz, MD
Mr. Matthew C. Intrieri, Jr.
Mr. Michael D. Jimenez
Mr. Bruce Joseph
Mr. Harvey H. Kagan
Dr. Z. M. Kaplan, MD
Mr. James E. Kelley
Dr. Leonard Korn, MD
Dr. Paul B. Lesser, MD
Mr. Walter J. Mackey, Jr., J.D
Mr. J. P. Maier
Mr. Frederick L. May
Mr. Charles R. McCullough
Mr. Paul L. Meier
Mr. Leroy W. Michaud
Mr. Michael C. Miller
Mr. Bruce Milner
Mr. Glenn A. Murray
Dr. Martin P. Newman, O.D.
Mr. Kirby G. Oak
Mr. David M. Olsen
Mr. Terrance J. Paas
Mr. William E. Parry
Dr. Alan L. Pizer, DDS
Mr. William C. Rosen, Esq.
Michael R. Sahr, CPA
Dr. Sidney H. Schnoll, M.D., P
Dr. John M. Shaw
Mr. Charles L. Short, Jr.
Mr. Thomas A. Soininen
Mr. Kenneth M. Stone
Mr. Peter K. Waldron
Dr. Anton R. Warde, Ph.D.
Dr. Robert A. Warner, MD
Dr. William C. Wells, Ph.D.

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