Can I count hours that I already do? For example, I am a volunteer at the library. Can I count those hours?

Yes. We encourage you to tell us about the service hours you are already doing in your community, including all unpaid service and volunteer activities. We are counting all volunteer hours with the exception of paid employment, campaign activity and paid board service.

What type of activities can I dedicate for this project?

We are counting time spent organizing, preparing or providing unpaid service hours for nonprofit or similar organizations (schools, nursing homes, hospitals, community service organizations, churches/synagogues). Examples include time spent organizing charity fundraisers, participation in charity events such as walks or runs, pro bono professional or medical work, service learning in or out of the classroom, internships with nonprofit groups that serve the community, board service and service-related federal work study hours, such as those performed for AmeriCorps and the PeaceCorps.

Specific activities include but are not limited to the time it takes to:

Time it takes to gather clothing, put it into bags, and drive it to a drop off point.

• Buying food for an animal shelter, driving it to the shelter, and dropping it off.

• Time spent at volunteer board meetings.

• Time spent participating in a charity run or walk.

• Time spent being a Boy Scout or Girl Scout leader, little league coach, etc.

• Time spent providing pro-bono services.

• Time spent volunteering at church (ex. Sunday School teacher).

Is there a minimum amount of time I can pledge?

We ask that you round up to the nearest half hour. Some folks may do an hour of service and others might have 100 hours. Whatever service hours you perform in the month of April count.

Can I count more than one service activity?

Absolutely. We are counting all service activity for the entire month of April. If you are involved in more than one service activity, we want to hear about it. You may submit as many hours as you like. There is no limit.

Can I also count my spouse or other family members’ service?

We are counting all service hours from individuals affiliated with Susquehanna University. That includes students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents and friends, as well as family members of those individuals. Please invite others you know to become a part of our effort.

What should I do if I already pledged my hours, but I want to do more?

Simply go back to the pledge form on SU Bridge and create another entry. You can come back as many times as needed.

Do community service hours also include "non-volunteer" hours of service? For example, I work for a nonprofit organization. Do the hours I work for this organization count?

Work paid by a stipend can be counted, but work that includes a salary and benefits may not be counted.

Why are we doing this and why is this important?

SERVICE is a big part of Susquehanna University’s mission. We know that our alumni and students continue the tradition, and we want to document and share these efforts with the world. It is a uniting experience that bonds us together. Our ability to showcase alumni service activity could also have a significant impact on prospective students who are service oriented and could impact their decision to choose Susquehanna. This is an effort that all alumni can participate in from anywhere in the world, and it is as easy as telling us what you already do.

What is the history of SU SERVE?

SU SERVE, formerly Students Engaging in Regional Volunteer Experiences, is an annual service day, now re-named Susquehanna Engaging in Regional Volunteer Experiences and expanded to allow all alumni, students, faculty, parents, staff and friends to showcase the magnitude of caring that is happening now all over the world. With a common goal of service, SU SERVE will increase Susquehanna’s visibility around the world, strengthen our ties to one another, and document the effects Susquehannans are having on organizations and communities across the globe.

How many people do you hope to participate in SU SERVE?

About 300 students participate in SU SERVE each year. We anticipate that through individual efforts, campus activities and regional chapter programs, we will have more than 1,000 alumni, faculty, staff and parent participants.

What is the verification process for pledged hours?

If your actual hours differ from your pledged hours, send us an email in April to and we will make the adjustment. You may also receive a call from a student in early May to verify your pledge. 

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