Break Through Booklet with schedule and alumni speakers

Monday, Feb. 2

11:30 am: Skype with Craig Housenick '98, Lighting Director (Deg. Conf. Room 3)

Noon: Lunch with Karen Hackman '78, Attorney (President's Dining Room, Campus Center)

Noon: Skype with Rhonda Bowen '81 (Germany) (Deg. Conf. Room 3)

7:30 pm: Skype with DC Regional Alumni Chapter (Deg. Conf. Room 3)

9:30 pm: Skype with Ted Bongiovanni '92 (Abu Dhabi) (Deg. Conf. Room 3)

Tuesday, Feb. 3

11:30 am - Skype with Adam Millard '93, Copenhagen, Microsoft (Deg. Conf. Room 3)

6:30 p.m. Skype with Mallory Oliver '09, Finch Brands (Deg. Conf. Room 3)

7 p.m. Discovering Your Future Self (Isaac's Auditorium) - Join a panel of some SU’s best and brightest upper-level students in a panel designed for you.  As an undeclared student, you may feel overwhelmed or confused as to how to go about selecting a major and course of study that allows you to explore areas of interests and experience stimulating intellectual and personal development.  You are invited to hear from our panel of former undeclared students and learn how they chose their academic paths and have built bridges and professional networks towards the undergraduate success and future careers. 

7:30 pm - Skype with Michael DiNorscia '01, Raising Capital for Startup Companies (Deg. Conf. Room 3)

9 pm - Skype with Dwight Gordon '81, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Sr. Dir. Technology, San Diego, CA (Deg. Conf. Room 3)

Wednesday, Feb. 4

Noon: Skype with Marcus Burke '10. Marcus published a book in the spring and has been on a book tour. Employer: Double Day (Deg. Conf. Room 3)

Noon: Lunch with Liz Rhoads '09 Greenaway, Director of Marketing and PR at Lycoming College (President's Dining Room, DCC) (This lunch is full.)

Thursday, Feb. 5

Noon: Lunch with Drew Yerger '07, Financial Services Professional, U Financial (President's Dining Room, DCC)

6:30 p.m.Skype with Mike Stabolepszy '84. Mike will share his life lessons for approaching work (humility, won't start at the top but if you work hard, ask a lot of questions, and are open to constructive feedback, you'll get where you want to be). INTEGRITYOnePartners, Co-Founder & Management Partner (Deg. Conf. Room 3)

7 p.m. Panel Discussion, International Careers for Education Majors (Sebiert 108) - Presented by David McLaughlin Ph.D, Asst. Professor of Education, and Sarah Edwards, Asst. Professor of Education

7:30 p.m. Skype with NYC Alumni Chapter (Deg. Conf. Room 3)

8:30 p.m. Skype with Dex Smither '00, Slingo  (Deg. Conf. Room 3)

Friday, Feb. 6

5 p.m. Dinner with Dawne Fritz '86 Veet, Operations Trainer, Exelon Corp., Three Mile Island (B.J.'s)

7 p.m. Panel discussion: That was your major? Alumni Who Chose a Different Path, Shearer Weber Dining Rooms, Deg.- Kate Labriola '07, Kelly O'Mara '92 Whites, Kyle McCuaig '12, and Dawn Fritz '86 Veet

Saturday, Feb. 7

11 a.m. – Noon: Panel Session 1

1- 2 pm Alumni Career coaching in the Career Development Center

2 - 3 p.m.: Panel Session 2

3:30-4:30p.m.: Panel Session 3

5 – 6 p.m. Speed Networking, Benjamin Apple Meeting Rooms

6 – 7 p.m. Closing Reception, Lore Degenstein Gallery

March 9 – 16 Peace Corps Week

March 16 or 23 Communications Week

SU Bridge Network