Tell Congress to Save Student Aid in 2015!

We are pleased to announce Susquehanna University’s support for the Save Student Aid campaign. America’s future depends on ensuring all students have the opportunity to go to college. But, during the past 5 years, Congress has cut funding for student aid by more than $30 billion in order to balance the budget. As a result, millions of students have been kicked out of the Pell Grant program and charged more for their student loans. This year’s budget proposal would freeze the Pell Grant maximum at $5,775 for the next 10 years, and make student loans cost at least $3,800 more for students with need. How will this impact our students? -- Between 2012 and 2014, 25 percent of our students were Pell-eligible.

Join the Save Student Aid campaign in our effort to pass federal legislation that will protect the programs that keep higher education within reach for millions of students. Get involved and share your support for the Save Student Aid campaign by:

• ‘Like’ Student Aid Alliance on Facebook or Twitter.
• Visit the Save Student Aid website to learn more and contact your member of Congress.
• Join the conversation by using the hashtag #SaveStudentAid


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