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Step 1: Find your personal record

Membership to the Smith College Online Community is available to alumnae only. In order to access certain areas of this online community, you must first register to obtain a User ID and password.

If you are not an alumna but are affiliated with this community in some way, email the Community Administrator to inquire about access to the community.

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What is the Alum AvId or 99 Number?
All alumnae and students have a unique Id Number that allows us to quickly verify your identity. Alumnae prior to 2010 use what Smith calls an "AV Number" as your ID and current students or Alumnae after 2010 use their student "99 Number" as their ID Number.

If you do not know your AV Number or 99 Number you can email or call the Alumnae Association at (800) 526-2023 and tell them you need to have your AV or 99 number provided to you. Please provide your Class year, Name, and Senior House for reference. Thank you.


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