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Quinnipiac University's A2A (Alumnus to Alumnus) Discount program enables you to find discounted products and services offered by fellow Quinnipiac Alumni. By participating in this free program, alumni business owners and managers can increase their customer base by offering discounts on products and services to alumni. Pride has its privileges! You can "keep the business in the Quinnipiac family" and support our fellow alumni.

  • All discount listings are subject to verification by the Alumni Affairs Team.
  • Participating businesses are not endorsed by Quinnipiac.
  • Participating businesses are responsible for the content, maintenance and update of their listing.
  • In addition to listings by alumni, special offers may be offered by Quinnipiac corporate partners.
Share your success with the Alumni Affairs Team! How has the A2A discount benefited you? E-mail alumni@quinnipiac.edu

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Promote your business and offer a discount to more than 25,000 Quinnipiac alumni throughout the country. Whether you live in California or Connecticut, chances are there is a fellow alumnus in your area. Search listings for discounts offered by Quinnipiac Alumni. Traveling out of state for business or pleasure? Check out the A2A Discount Program for special offers throughout the country!

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