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    Contact Person: Omara Blattenberger    

    HOMECOMING  2011

    Welcome back! Last year we rocked the radio tv building as dozens of alumni returned and showed they still had it! So it's not surprising to see that the second All Alumni Newswatch is back on the agenda! All alumni, whether in front of the camera, or behind it, are invited to return, and participate, and give it the old college try, at doing an evening newscast...one more time!

    In addition to the All Alumni Newswatch, there are opportunities for returning alumni to see or participate in a number of other events. See the schedule and descriptions of the events below.

    If you are interested in participating, or attending any of the social events, please go to the website set up through the alumni association, to make your reservations and pay for football game tickets, and/or the after game Italian buffet style dinner. You can access that site by linking to it here.


    MORNING MEETING WITH REPORTERS IN WOUB NEWSROOM (9:00 - 10:00 A.M.) Returning alumni, will be work on creating the evening newscast, Newswatch. Alumni will be assigned WOUB News students, who will work as their crew, or shadow and assist them in the newsroom and current newsroom technology.

    ALUMNI INTERVIEWS (ALL WEEKEND) Throughout the Homecoming weekend, all returning alumni, may be asked to participate in interviews conducted by current students or faculty members. You may be asked questions about your time at Ohio University, WOUB, or your classes om Journalism or Media Arts, and how they prepared you, for your career, after graduation or leaving campus. These interviews may be used by Ohio University, the Scripps College of Communications, or WOUB, for archival purposes or a variety of public relations projects.

    ALUMNI SPEAK TO STUDENTS - PARTICIPATE IN MINI SEMINARS (TIMES TBD) Returning professional alumni, working with the Schools of Journalism and the School of Media Arts will be directed to a contact person  to speak about their personal experiences, or participate in a panel or mini seminar on topics to be decided jointly.

    AFTERNOON MEETING - ANCHORS, REPORTERS, PRODUCERS - NEWSROOM (2:30 P.M.) Returning alumni, will be working in the WOUB Newsroom - creating the evening newscast, Newswatch, or radio news inserts, with the current WOUB News students, who will be assigned as their crew, or to shadow and assist.

    NEWSWATCH TECHNICAL PRODUCTION CREW RE-TRAINING & CHECKOUT (2:30 P.M.) Returning production alumni, will be re-trained in the studio, with equipment and procedures for the current format of Newswatch. A “checkout” procedure may be necessary to demonstrate your ability to participate in the live broadcast.

    NEWSWATCH - LIVE VIEWING (5:30 P.M.) All Ohio University alumni, or WOUB alumni, not working on the live newscast, are invited to view the live broadcast, from the control room viewing gallery, or another live viewing area. Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the live broadcast, to be seated.

    WOUB CENTER FOR MEDIA - ALUMNI RECEPTION IN RADIO STUDIO A (6:30 P.M.) All returning WOUB alumni and past staff members are invited to a casual reception, to meet and greet each other, and the current students and staff of The WOUB Center for Media. The reception - hospitality room will be open and continue through the evening, concurrently with any anticipated guest speakers, mini seminars, or tours, and leading to the viewing of the live student production of GRIDIRON GLORY.

    VIEWING OF LIVE GRIDIRON GLORY (11:30 P.M.) View the Live Broadcast of Gridiron Glory. Gridiron is an award winning WOUB student production devoted to covering high school football in Southeast Ohio and West, Virginia now in its 13th season.


    FOX PAW (A Social Blunder) RADIO SHOW REUNION (12 Noon - 2 pm) Fox Paw, was a radio comedy show, that was broadcast on WOUB, from 1977-1979, and also was made into a popular vinyl record album. Yes, vinyl! It was 1979. There were no cd's or mp3's! Really, there used to be a time in history, when people sat still, and listened to comedy albums! Trust me. Well now it is 2011, and time and technology marches on. But the comedy? It's timeless! This year, many of the cast and production members, will reassemble and perform some of their classic sketches, reminisce, and maybe throw in something new, for all their many friends and fans. Fox Paw can claim the distinction of being the career start for three nationally known comedians, as well as many distinguished alumni media professionals. So, "It has that going for it!" Radio Studio A, in the Radio TV Building 

    WOUB ALUMNI CHEER ON THE BOBCATS (3:30 P.M.) Join with your friends and other WOUB Alumni as we watch the Ohio University Bobcats take on Ball State at the 2011 Homecoming Football game. Tickets will be in a block at the game. Tickets will be held at the will call window, under your name. See the registration site details. Tickets are $30.00 per person.

    WOUB ALUMNI DINNER AND RECEPTION AT THE OHIO UNIVERSITY INN (6:30 P.M.) The Board of Directors of the WOUB Alumni Society, and their members, invite all returning alumni who are graduates of The Scripps College of Communication, to a special Homecoming Dinner and Reception. The evening will start with  dinner served immediately following the football game, approximately 6:30 p.m. All alumni may attend the reception, which lasts the entire evening, but only those who pay in advance and rsvp, may choose from the buffet set up. Dress is football game casual. See the registration website for details on dinner menu. Cost is $30.00 per person. Cash bar.

    Please contact the following Alumni or WOUB staff members to get more information, or volunteer for any of the activities.

    NEWSWATCH REPORTERS - Cheri Russo - russoc@ohio.edu

    NEWSWATCH CREW - Mike Rodriguez - rodrigum@ohio.edu

    SPEAKERS OR SEMINARS - Journalism - Shelli Dankoff McClellan - shelli327@hotmail.com

    SPEAKERS OR SEMINARS - Media Arts - Omara Blattenberger - oodb@aol.com

    * Participants may be required to retrain or demonstrate an ability to perform the required tasks before being assigned to particular jobs. Availability of all positions depends on the amount of alumni returning to participate. The decisions of who will be placed in certain positions, if there is a high volume of interest for certain ones, will be at the discretion of the staff or faculty member, in charge of that area, though all efforts to include as many people as possible in all activities is the goal.

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