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As the 2012-2013 Academic Year ends, we look back on the past year.  In September, we launched the new BS Accounting degree.  This degree is intended to provide students with added accounting coursework (an increase of required Accounting credits from 24 to 42).   The Becker CPA Review program continues to be offered on campus at a significant discount to students upon graduation.   

We established an Accounting Advisory Task Force comprised of public and private Accounting alumni (and associated organizations) to provide us with perspective on trends and issues that our students need to be aware of as they prepare to enter the workforce.  The Advisory Task Force includes the following:

-    Joanne Barry, Executive Director, NY State Society of CPAs (CHSS ’77)
-    Lucia Capozzoli, Partner, Deloitte (SBUS ’83)
-    Keisha Hutchinson, Audit Senior Manager, KPMG (SBUS ’02)
-    Tom Lawless, Partner, E&Y (SBUS ’90)
-    Lidia Podyma, Vice President, Barclay’s Capital (SBUS ’02)
-    Melissa Sacchiero, Finance Director, BASF (SBUS ’98)
-    Paul Stahlin, Regional President, Fulton Bank (SBUS ’74)
-    Ralph Thomas, Executive Director, NJ Society of CPAs

In May, the NJSCPA “Scholar’s Institute” two day residency program for high achieving New Jersey accounting and finance students was held on campus.  Sponsored by the top regional accounting firms, the program provides students with useful seminars and networking activities.

Also in May, we held our first Accounting Networking Reception at the Valley Regency.  With the participation of over 150 students and alumni, the event gave current students the opportunity to meet with successful alumni and learn more about their career pathways, while allowing alumni to re-connect with current and retired faculty, and with each other.

As we look towards the 2013-2014 Academic Year, we are very excited to announce the new five-year joint BS/MS Accounting degree. This combined degree is for students in the undergraduate program who have completed ninety credits overall with twenty-one credits in accounting.  They must have a 3.3 GPA overall and in accounting.  By entering this program, these students can take three graduate courses in place of three undergraduate courses in their senior year at undergraduate tuition.  They still must maintain a 3.3 GPA overall and in accounting to go on to their fifth year where they will take the remaining graduate courses and receive a combined BS/MS in accounting degree.  If they do not maintain a 3.3 GPA in their senior year, they do not go onto the fifth year but graduate with a BS in accounting, which does not cost them any more time or money.

Advantages of the five year program:
•    Graduate with a MS in accounting in five years instead of six or more years.
•    Satisfy the 150 hour requirement to become licensed in New Jersey
•    Allows undergraduate students to take graduate courses with graduate students already in the work force who can share their experiences with these students.
•    Most public accounting firms will not hire students who do not have 150 hours completed.
•    Provide a wider base of accounting knowledge that cannot be taught at the undergraduate level which increases the student’s chances of being successful on the CPA exam and during their professional career.

We are also sad to announce the retirement of long time Accounting Professor Irene Douma, who retired after 40 years of service effective June 2013.  In order to celebrate the career of Dr. Douma, we are holding a Retirement Celebration on campus on Thursday, October 3rd in the Conference Center of University Hall.

Starting at 630PM-9PM, this will be a ticketed event ($100 per ticket) with funding to go towards the establishment of the “Irene Douma Fund for Accounting Academic Programs.”  This fund will support student scholarships and networking activities, as well as faculty research publication fees and license renewals.

As much as the event will be a tribute to Dr. Douma, it will also provide a forum for accounting alumni to re-connect with faculty, both current and retired, and with each other.   Alumni who have already committed to attend the event include:

-    Henry Keizer (’78), Retired Deputy Chairman and COO, KPMG
-    Frank Marcos (’80), Retired Partner Deloitte
-    Bob Iacullo (’76), Executive Vice President, United Water
-    Steve Nasto (’75), Senior Director North America, Maersk

Event details will be sent out shortly.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Professor Frank Aquilino, Chairman

Department of Accounting, Law and Taxation

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