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Class of 2004

Staunton, VA

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These ClassNotes were gathered from July 15, 2012 until January 15, 2013. In an effort to release these in a timely and more efficient manner we are publishing this set of notes online for your enjoyment.

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Not too many notes this time around, I think everyone has been busy with all their new additions! SARAH HATFIELD Nichols and husband Kent welcomed their first child, Dorothy Olive, born October 22, 2012, in Los Angeles CA. ERIN BALLEW O’Reilly and husband Egan welcomed their son Keswick Laux, on September 25th, 2012 in Monterey, CA. Soon after his birth, the O’Reilly family moved back to Washington D.C. and is enjoying being back in the Commonwealth near family, friends, and MBC after more than 5 years overseas. KIMBERLY KERN Sweet recently became a Certified Public Accountant, congratulations! STEPHANIE SHELOR Bakely accepted a Waiver Coordinator position in August 2012 with an agency that provides services for persons with intellectual disabilities. ROXANNE HILLERY is currently living in Centreville VA, and working for Home Properties as a Leasing Consultant in Sterling VA. CARMEN CALLAHAN Freeland received a promotion. She is not an IT manager for GE. JOANNA CASTO Perkins was married on St. Patrick’s Day (03/17/2012) to Stanley Perkins. She earned her Master’s Degree in Teaching from City University of New York. The couple now live in West End NC. MICHELLE FORD Daniel completed her Master’s Degree in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior with Specialization in Counseling in 2010. She is now working toward her PhD Advanced Studies in Human Behavior, both at Capella University. JENNY CARMEN Lovell had her 4th child in June 2012, Vaughn Atticus Lovell.


Class notes from November 30, 2010 through January 24, 2011 (To be published in the April 2011 edition of the Mary Baldwin Magazine): To have your news published contact one of your Class Co-secretaries:Sarah Hatfield - or 404 N. Holliston Ave. #3, Pasadena CA 91106 or Kara Shy Neumann -  ksneumann@gmail.comGreetings from your lovely secretaries! We have had a lot of things going on in the class of 2004 (Oh-Four!). BRIANA NELSON Brown and husband Aaron just moved to Dallas TX with their son, Henry (2). DEMETRIA VENEY Hundley welcomed the newest addition to her family, Anaya Elaine, who was born on August 23. Her husband, Tavis, just returned from deployment in Afghanistan and they are very thankful to be back together in Washington DC. KELLY BAUMGARTNER Rivera and husband Virgil are enjoying life as Captains in the US Army and just recently bought their first house in San Antonio TX. They are both working to complete their Master’s in Social Work within the next year. JENNA WOOD Cooper and husband, Michael, bought a home in Stafford VA in November 2009 and welcomed second son, Jackson, in June 2010. PIPPA HAIRSTON of Staunton VA, is attending Payne Theological Seminary, where she is pursuing a Master of Divinity/Theology. Her plan is to get a PhD in Philosophical Theology and teach. CARLISLE CONNALLY recently joined Hilton Worldwide as the Director of Online Marketing for the Luxury & Lifestyle Brands. GLORIA CELESPARA Kalotra got married last February to Paul. Her bridesmaids were JESSICA PUGLISI, ANTOYNETTE MURCHINSON, LEIGH ANN GILLISPIE Carty. In attendance were Jenna Wood Cooper ('03) and Kiaundra Hurt. ROXANNE HILLERY is currently living in Centreville VA and is working as a Leasing Consultant for Legend Management, LLC., at The Elms at Centreville apartment community. We hope everyone had a great holiday season, and we hope to see all of you soon! ASHLEY FAUST has started as a 1st grade teacher at the new school in Hampton VA. LINDSEY LUCAS Allen has been blessed with twins Bradie Allen (6 lbs. 4 oz.) and Megan Allen (6lbs. 5 oz.).

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