Executive Committee

The LSE Alumni Association is steered by an Executive Committee and six subcommittees. The Executive Committee meets by conference call 11 times per annum and in person every April. Its chair reports to the LSE Council on an annual basis.

The Executive Committee's Guiding Principles are:

  • To promote the voice and views of alumni so they are heard by the School, particularly in the context of the ongoing Strategic Review.
  • To suggest: (i) how alumni can best contribute to the School and the Association, (ii) what the School should do to ensure the best contribution from alumni, and (iii) how best to recognize alumni contribution.
  • To facilitate cooperation between the Association and ODAR to strengthen the School's alumni relations programme, by improving current initiatives and developing new ones
  • To ensure that the Association is appropriately structured and organized, having regard to the needs of both the School and alumni.

The current Executive Committee members for the 2013-15 term are:

Chair and vice chairs
Patrick Mears (LLB 1979)
Vice chairs
Greg Sullivan (LLM 2004)
Ingrid Tharasook (MSc Local Economic Development 2008)
Committee chairs
Thane Ryland (MSc Media & Communications 2005)
Group Establishment, Recognition and Obligations
Noemi Blasutta (LLB 2008)
Group Leaders' Support
Pia Wagner (MSc Accounting & Finance 1998)
Lifelong Contacts
George Wetz (BSc International Relations 2009)
Milan Makwana (MSc Industrial Relations & Personnel Mgmt 1997)
Regional Ambassadors
Christopher Bodell (MSc International Accounting and Finance 1999)
Members of the Alumni Association volunteer committees