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George Mason University School of Law
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George Mason University School of Law


Resume Upload: Once logged into your secure online Directory Profile, you can upload your resume using PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML or plain text formats. This feature provides you the opportunity to more fully share and market your professional experience. Your resume information is fully searchable, allowing for a more effective means to provide information about you for marketing or job searches, as well as find people, employers, and practice areas on a detailed level that is not otherwise available in the summary profiles.

Global Search: By clicking on the link to "Search the Directory", you now have the choice to run a Global Search of both alumni profiles and resumes using a text-based search query. You can target your search to alumni profiles or search the content contained within resumes to maximize the results of your search. An added benefit of the Global Search tool is the Roll Over feature. If multiple alumni names are returned in response to your search terms, you can roll the cursor over the names in the list and a popup box will appear with a snap shot of the alumnus' profile. This allows you to determine if you want to further review the full profile.

Business and Personal URLs: The Online Law Alumni Directory provides even greater opportunities to inform and connect our alumni. Each alumni profile now contains links to personal and/or professional URL websites. You can provide your website addresses, which allows fellow classmates to link directly to the site from your profile. This added service provides direct access to your company or firm website for marketing and networking.

Comments: Each alumni profile now has a link for Commenting that provides an interactive platform for exchanging news and updates. This feature provides the opportunity for registered alumni to leave a message or comment for another member of the online community. You can leave messages for others, or share a thought on what you’ve read. Commenting enables alumni to participate and add content to profiles in the Online Directory, thereby making the Directory more valuable as more people engage online. As with other components of you profile, you have full control to manage the comments by choosing to hide or delete comments you receive.


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