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May 2011

In this Issue:

* Message from Co-leaders
* Alumni Spotlight
* Social Media
* Call for Volunteers
* Events Calendar

A Message From Our Co-Leaders

Hey EMBA-folk!

It's great to be back in touch with you all for the latest installment of our bi-monthly e-newsletter. It's been a wild last two months - unrest in the Middle East, "The Donald" versus Obama, steady growth in the financial markets, and some unfortunate unhappiness at the pump. While the world might not make much sense all of the time, isn't it great to have that business know-how in your back pocket so that you can digest those lengthy Economist articles and sound half-way intelligent at cocktail parties? We thought so too!

This month we take a look at an industry that is geographically close to home for many of us - the social media machine that has become such a pervasive part of our daily lives. We also have the great fortune of hearing from Cohort 10 alum Mike Marchetti about his leadership experiences at As always, we encourage every alum to get involved with your EMBA community through our social media outlets, by attending our periodic events, and by volunteering with the alumni association. 

So do it! And until we meet again ... stay thirsty my friends!

Scott Marsic & Elisa Tsang
Co-Presidents, SF State EMBA Alumni Association 

Scott Marsic Elisa Tsang

Expanding Social Media to the EMBA Alumni Association

Did you know that that the average internet user spends almost a quarter of their time online on social networking sites? While you might not want to admit it, in all likelihood this statistic applies to you too!

Getting to this point of market exposure has been simply astonishing to watch. Compared to the growth of other media standards such as radio, which took 38 years to reach 50 million users, and television, which took 13 years, many social media sites like Foursquare and Digsby are consistently reaching the 1 million mark in two years or less. There are now approximately 500 million users on Facebook, 100 million users on LinkedIn, and 175 million users on Twitter. In the U.S., this equates to approximately 75% of all active internet users participating in one or more social media venues. And the average time a user spends surfing these sites? Get this - over 6-1/2 hours per month!

So what is driving this exponential growth?

While most development can be attributed to the "social" aspect of these sites which allows family, friends and co-workers to connect-up and communicate quickly and efficiently, the impact of business should not be taken lightly. Industry after industry has begun to embrace social networking as an effective means to directly reach out and engage with customers, recruit employees, drive branding strategies, encourage viral enthusiasm for a product line, and evangelize ideas and perspectives. In short, social media has changed the way we communicate--everyone from the junior high-school student to the corner deli owner to multinational corporation like Nike and Chevron now participates.

EMBA Alumni Association and Social Media

Your EMBA Alumni Association has also taken advantage of social media as a way to build a stronger community. For the past several years we have maintained both LinkedIn and Facebook accounts as a means to bring alumni together, although admittedly not to the fullest extent of our capabilities. Our plans moving forward are to become more active on both sites to further build communication throughout our community. You can participate as's how:

Join the Conversation!--If you haven't already, go to the EMBA Alumni sites on both Facebook and LinkedIn, and join! Post a message, add new friends. It's your community, so reach out!

Increase Participation--Share your ideas with your EMBA community. Encourage your cohort members to join and be more connected with the broader association. The larger these communities become, the more effective they will be for all involved.

Listen and Learn--How can we help you? Feedback we receive from social networking participants will help shape future eNewletter and web site correspondence.

Serve as a Resource--How can you help your community? Post latest EMBA news and opportunities that may be of interest to the EMBA audience.

Social media provides us with the ability to reach a great number of individuals globally at a relatively low cost. With our alumni spread across the world, the use of social media allows us to distribute news about the EMBA Alumni Association more efficiently. We have a dynamic and growing base of Alumni, so get involved and let your voice be heard!


Scott Marsic & Elisa Tsang


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NielsenWire, June 15, 2010

Alumni Spotlight: Mike Marchetti

Mike Marchetti In this issue, we focus on Mike Marchetti (Cohort 10), Director of Business Systems at where he is responsible for designing and executing Yelp's business system architecture. With undergraduate degrees in accounting and marketing, Mike started his career at Arthur Andersen's Audit & Tax practice and later joined PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP in the Management Consulting Services (MCS) practice. Prior to Yelp, Mike spent eight years designing and implementing enterprise business solutions at Yahoo. It was while working at Yahoo that he completed his EMBA from SF State.

How has having an MBA changed your career?

Mike: As a result of completing an MBA, I am a stronger and more valuable contributor to my company's overall corporate and business objectives. I approach work differently. I am more analytical and strategic in my decision-making process while aware of how my decisions impact the broader success of the business. This approach and awareness has contributed to new job opportunities and promotions that have resulted in a more fulfilling career path. Getting an MBA is a great way to change careers or try something new, but also as in my case, it enabled me to become a stronger asset.

What skills did you gain from being in an MBA program that you did not have previously?

Mike: After completing my MBA, I was better prepared to process complex business issues, create strategic plans and articulate a vision to management on large enterprise initiatives. Prior to attending the program, I rarely considered or understood the value of strategic thinking. Now I consider my ability to successfully create and execute strategic plans one of my core strengths that I use on a daily basis.

I also believe that as a result of working on multiple team-based projects during my MBA program I have become stronger at managing individuals, partners and projects more effectively. These core competencies have greatly enhanced my leadership capabilities amongst my peers.

Is there a particular work experience that you can describe to us that represents how having an MBA has influenced your work?

Mike: During my MBA program, I was traveling regularly to Europe, Asia and India to meet with Yahoo regional executives. While on these trips I was able to use the cultural awareness I learned in several classes during my MBA to build strong partnerships that resulted in acceptance of key business decisions. In addition, having an MBA has greatly influenced my ability to negotiate contracts. I actually really enjoy negotiating, but didn't realize it until I attended a class. Over the last year I have relied on these tactical skills several times to negotiate major software contracts with vendors on behalf of Yelp.

Now that you have your MBA, what other goals (professional or personal) are you working on?

Mike: Working at a smaller start-up company has presented great opportunities. Currently, I am taking on additional responsibilities to further broaden my technical skills and business operations experience, such as becoming more familiar with ad and sales technology. Also, I am focused on new ways to analyze our operational data to capture insights that influence key business decisions.

What recommendations do you have to best leverage your MBA?

Mike: Your MBA is your competitive advantage. Take a look at the number of companies posting job requisitions that require an MBA. A decade ago an MBA was preferred by companies, but now if you want a great position at a good company it is required. An MBA is the difference between you and another strong candidate.

Special thanks to Mike Marchetti for sharing his experience with the SF State EBMA community. We wish him continued success!

Call for Volunteers

Can you believe it's been 10 years since the EMBA program was started at SF State? Want to get involved in planning our celebration? If you're interested in event planning and want to help make this bash as great as it can be, please contact Aaron Anderson at Stay tuned for more details!

Events Calendar

SF State Career Insighter Forum

Leaders Wanted: How to Stand out and Move up in Today's Career Market
What are the skills you need to get the job you want? Join SF State College of Business Dean Nancy Hayes and leaders from some of the Bay Area's top companies, including Safeway, Intuit/, Zurich Financial Services and Overland Storage, as they discuss what recruiters seek in management hires and how an MBA can prepare the next generation of leaders for professional success. Networking reception follows. Developed in partnership with The Examiner.

Date: Tuesday, May 24th
Time: 6 to 7:15 p.m. Registration opens 5:30 p.m.
Location: SF State Downtown Campus, 835 Market Street, 5th Floor
Cost: Free
RSVP: RSVP today

EMBA Happy Hour

What could be better than winding down a busy workday with good friends, good food & drinks, and catching up on EMBA Alumni news? Come join us for our EMBA happy hour at One Market Restaurant on Wednesday, May 25th, at 6:00 p.m. You will have the opportunity to meet and converse with EMBA alums and students from various cohorts. Feel free to bring a guest to introduce to the SF State EMBA community. We hope to see you there!

Date: Wednesday, May 25th
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: One Market Restaurant
Cost: No host bar, attendees pay for their own drinks
RSVP: Email to register or for more information

SF State Alumni Visit La Honda Winery

Raise a glass with the SF State Alumni Association at the La Honda Winery for a day of good food, friends and fine wines. Guests will be treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of the winery. Afterwards enjoy hors d'oeuvres and wine tasting with fellow alumni and friends while you learn about the wine business and how this family operated winery combines old world craftsmanship and modern winemaking to achieve their award-winning wines from owner Ken Wornick ’86. Professor Subodh Bhat of the College of Business will also be speaking on intricacies of the wine industry.

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2011
1:00 - 4:00 pm
Place: La Honda Winery, 2645 Fair Oaks Ave, Redwood City 94063 [map]
Cost: $25
More Info:
RSVP: Purchase Tickets

Mentorship Program Networking Dinner

This event is an opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet, network, and get to know others in the program. If you are not currently in the Mentorship program, this will be a chance for you to learn more and to meet individuals from different cohorts.

Date: Wednesday, July 13th
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: TBD
Cost: Attendees pay for their own meal
Hosted by: A current mentor
RSVP: Email to register or for more information

Mission and Vision

SF State EMBA logo

The mission of the EMBA Alumni Association at SF State is to build ties between EMBA students and alumni, as well as their affiliated corporations.

Our vision is to build a lifelong community of individuals dedicated to educating, learning from and supporting its members. We pride ourselves on sustaining friendships that allow us to engage in our communities and our professions in new and interesting ways.


Co-presidents: Elisa Tsang (Cohort 10) and Scott Marsic (Cohort 13)




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