The Time Is Now
For a New Stadium

Here are additional architectural renderings of what the new stadium may look like.  We need your help to make it happen though!  So, be sure to donate to the project by making a pledge/gift today and/or be apart of the brick campaign today!

View of Home Entrance
View of Home Entrance at Night

Aerial View of Stadium at Night
View of Home

Nighttime View of Home Side Stands
Daytime View of Home Entrance

Sketch of "Dog Walk" from Football team Field House

ENMU Stadium Sketch of the Dog Walk from Football Field House

Sketch of Walking Path from Main Campus and Greyhound Arena
Walking Path to new Stadium from Campus and Greyhound Arena.

Close Up of Home Entrance 
Close Up of Home Entrance at Night

Location of New Stadium is southwest of Greyhound Arena within walking distance of main campus.  The baseball field is to the west of the new stadium.  The main campus is depicted in Green south of the highway.

Map of Location for New Stadium