ENMU Alumni Association Award Winners
Past Recipients

Nominations are Now Open
Nominations are now open for 2013 Alumni Association Awards.  The nomination deadline is Friday, February 1, 2013, 11:59 pm MDT.  With this in mind, the Association would like to thank all past award recipients, including this year's winners.  Click here to see a list of past award recipients.  

2012 Alumni Association Award Winners
The Alumni Association selected Mr. Richard Price, Mr. Paul Mapes, Mr. Tommy Gonzalez, and Mr. David Gregory MD.  They represent the fields of business, law, city management, and medicine.  The Association would like to congratulate each of them for the outstanding work each them has done.
2012 Winners

Richard Price & Sandi Black, Board President

Paul Mapes & Sandi Black, Board President

Tommy Gonzalez & Sandi Black, Board President

David Gregory, MD & Sandi Black, Board President