The University is in the process of transitioning the online community, including the online alumni directory, to a new vendor. The current vendor has been sold and is no longer investing in technology upgrades for new browsers. In addition, the transition is a complex process that we have been advised may take a year to complete. During this time, users may experience some difficulty while using the online directory, such as trouble with the search button not returning searches, drop-down boxes not populating, etc. If you experience problems in using the online alumni directory, please contact the EAA at Thanks for your patience during this transition to a better-functioning, more robust directory to bring together alumni with students and alumni with alumni.

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You can perform a search using one or all of the search fields provided. The more information you enter, the more refined a search you perform.

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You may bookmark directory listings as an easy reference for future visits so there's no need to search over and over for the same friends and contacts. This is a great way to keep up-to-date on what others are doing!

View/Update Your Alumni Directory Listing

View your directory listing and use the update feature to send any address, business, or academic changes to your institution. This is an easy way to provide your institution and fellow alumni, with current personal information and professional or academic accomplishments.

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