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Columbia Engineering School Alumni Association


The Columbia Engineering Alumni Association (CEAA) is an independent corporation founded in 1882 to foster and deepen the bonds of fellowship between the alumni, faculty and students of the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science. Every graduate of the School is automatically a member, as are undergraduates once they begin the second semester of their senior year. There are no dues or membership fees; the Association's programs are financed primarily through the income generated from a number of bequests, especially that of C.P. Davis '22. The Association currently has more than 17,000 members around the world.

CEAA awards scholarships, provides mentoring and professional guidance to undergraduates, promotes excellence in teaching and sponsors a wide range of social and professional events throughout the year. Each autumn, hundreds of alumni and engineering dignitaries gather in Low Library for the Association's annual Awards Dinner, where the Egleston Medal for Distinguished Engineering Achievement, the Pupin Medal for Service to the Nation, and the Samuel Johnson award, to recognize distinguished achievement in fields other than engineering and applied science, are presented.

Involvement in the Columbia Engineering Alumni Association is a fun and rewarding way to keep abreast of professional developments, network with fellow engineers from industries ranging from materials science to financial services, and use your skills for the benefit of your Alma Mater and the advancement of the engineering profession. Some opportunities for involvement require a commitment of only a few hours; others are more extensive. They include:

  • Attending a Student-Alumni Dinner at Columbia's Faculty House

  • Joining one of CEAA's committees and assisting in programming and event planning

For more information, contact Cliff Massey in the Office of Engineering Development and Alumni Relations by email at

 For more information on CEAA's awards and award recipients, please see the news page.

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