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Cornell Class of 2001

Class Reunion Campaign

Cornell was such a special part of each of our pasts and of who we are today, help support the University, today's Cornellians and the future of Cornell.  Our goal is to have every classmate make a gift to Cornell as part of our Reunion Campaign.  Each gift to Cornell, regardless of the amount or designation, counts in our class totals, and is extremely important.  Our donations help support scholarships, professor recruiting and retention, on-campus developments and so much more.  We are already having an amazing fundraising year, which you can read about below, but hope to surpass all previous fundraising records for a 10th Year Reunion Class.  You can make your gift by visiting, or by calling the Cornell Annual Fund at 1-800-279-3099.  Or you can contact your Annual Fund Co-Chairs directly by emailing Lora Epstein at or Sarah Binder at  We will announce our results during Reunion weekend.  Please send in your gift today so we can count your gift in our totals.

Recent Campaign News
* The Class of 2001 has blown away our goal of raising $160,000, having now exceeded $700,000 raised!

* We not only met our original Tower Club goals, but also achieved a 'Super Goal' of 31 Tower Club members!

* Our class has broken two records for 10th year reunion classes, for total number of Tower Club members and total dollars raised (previously held by the Class of '97 with $694,740)

Questions? Comments?

Contact your Class Officers at

Class of 2001 - Class Constitution

View the constitution

Class of 2001 Alumni Officers

View Class Officer role descriptions

The Class of 2001 unanimously approved the new slate of officers during our class meeting on June 11, 2011. Thank you to the outgoing board for its dedication, hard work and leadership over the past five years. We are still looking to fill the position of Webmaster. If you are interested in this position or otherwise becoming involved in the Class, please email

Praveen Anumolu
Vice President/Membership Chair
Gregory Robinson


Adam Dunst

Class Correspondent
Nicole Neroulias Gupte
Class Correspondent
Lauren Wallach Hammer

Cornell Annual Fund Representative
Sarah Binder
Cornell Annual Fund Representative
Lora Epstein

Reunion Chair
Katrina Dryer
Reunion Chair
Stephanie De La Cruz

Reunion Chair
Deeonna Farr
Publicity Chair
Trina Lee

Class Council
Lorraine Medeiros
Class Council
Claire Ackerman

Class Council
Nathan Connell
Class Council
Michael Hanson

Class Council
Kyle McKenna
Class Council
K. Lauren Bontecou Reichart

Class Council
Andrea Sweeney
Class Council
Diana Tyler

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