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Finding fellow UB alumni in the directory is easy! It's a great resource for personal and professional networking and an easy way to find out what your friends have been up to!

Search the Directory
You can perform either a simple search or an advanced search using one or all of the search fields provided. The more information you enter, the more refined your search will be.

Simple Search: When using the simple search, you will get the quickest results by entering only the last name and first initial. Note: if you are searching for someone whose last name may have changed (due to marriage, for example), use the checkbox to search for that criteria.

Advanced Search: This search option enables you to refine your search with more specific criteria, such as class year or ZIP code. Note: If you are searching for a group of people, you may need to contact the Office of Alumni Relations for assistance.

My Contacts
When you bookmark directory listings, there's no need to search over and over for the same friends and contacts. Save them here for future reference.

View/Update Your Alumni Directory Listing
Is your directory listing up-to-date? Check it out and use the update feature to make changes to your address, business, or academic status. It's an easy way to let everyone know how to contact you, and also to share your professional or academic accomplishments.

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