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The Boston College Communication Alumni Network (BCCAN) was created in 2008 as a vehicle to strengthen the bonds among Communication alumni, current students majoring in Communication, and the academic department.  BCCAN features a bi-annual e-newsletter Newsflash, topical speaking events, and internship opportunities for undergraduate majors.


A bi-annual e-newsletter featuring alumni profiles, student and faculty news, department news, and event reviews.

Summer 2009

Winter 2008


If any Communication alumni would like to list a communication related internship opportunity with us, please e-mail your complete job description and specifics to Christine Caswell at christine.caswell.1@bc.edu.

*Alumni out of state: please consider listing a summer internship opportunity with us! Our majors enjoy being mentored and interning for BC alumni.  

For more information on the Communication department, visit www.bc.edu/communication.