Boston College Law Enforcement Alumni Network

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Ellen D. Duffy '04
Patrol Officer
University of Florida Police Department
Gainesville, FL

John J. Griffin, III '94
Detective Sargeant
Executive Officer 43rd Precinct Detective Squad
New York Police Department (NY)

Communications Coordinators
Kathleen M. Barry, Esq. '91
Counsel to the Comptroller
Maryland's Attorney General's Office (MD)

Web site
Carolyn Dick Mayes, Esq. '91
Director, Planning, Analysis & Communications
US EPA Criminal Enforcement Office (DC)

Membership Coordinator
Ellen D. Duffy '04

Programming/Events Coordinator
John J. Griffin, III '94

Leadership Committee General Members
Jerry J. Coyne '80
Deputy Attorney General
Rhode Island Attorney General's Office (RI)

Timothy J. Cruz '81
Plymouth County District Attorney
Plymouth County District Attorney's Office (MA)

Sarah R. Garcia '02
Assistant District Attorney
First Judicial District Attorney, Santa Fe (NM)

Dave McGowan, Esq. '02
Assistant District Attorney
Suffolk County District Attorney's Office (MA)