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What is BerkeleyConnect?

The Alumni Community is an outlet for Berkeley College alumni to reconnect with friends and classmates. Members have the ability to search for fellow alumni through an Online Directory, create a Directory/Profile page, stay involved with Berkeley College through volunteer activities, and keep up-to-date on alumni events.

How do I log in for the first time?

You will need to have the following information:

  1. Your last name at the time of graduation;
  2. your year of graduation;
  3. your date of birth.
With this information, visit  to begin the registration process.

I want to register, but what do I do if I cannot find my record?

To proceed with registration, you must search for your name.  Last name is required at a minimum, however the more information you enter, the more refined the search. You do not have to complete the full form to perform a search for your name.

If your name has changed, the database may include both your current and former names. For example, if  your name, as a student, is different from your current name (perhaps due to marriage), your community member list may have a record of both names. In this case, you may supply either name. If a search initially fails to find your name, first check for misspellings, then verify that you have either supplied your name or other data as they are known to your institution.

If none of the names listed appears to be yours,  refine your search criteria. It is also recommended that you search with last name only and, when applicable, try variations of your last name. For example, "De Rosa" may be listed as "DeRosa". If you still cannot find your name after searching using all possible entries, click on the email the Community Administrator  link. You will be prompted to enter personal data, which will be sent directly to your community administrator so that your case can be researched.

For class year, if you have more than one, please enter your first class year. For example, if you graduated in 2002 with an Associate's degree and then in 2008 with a Bachelor's degree,  enter 2002 as your class year.  

How do I add, edit, or remove my information in the Alumni Directory?

The Alumni Directory gives Berkeley College alumni the power to determine which information they want to share in the Directory. To edit or remove information, follow the instructions on the directory page under View/Update Your Online Directory Listing. To hide your listing or any individual field within your listing, check the ?Hide? box. You always have the option to uncheck the box and share your information.

Where can I search for a friend?

To search for a friend within the Alumni Community, click the ?Online Directory? tab under ?Alumni Home?, and click ?Search the Directory?. Enter as much information as possible to receive the most accurate result. For a more in-depth search, try the ?Advanced Search? link at the top of the page.

How do I add, replace, or remove a photo on my Directory/Profile page?

There are file size, dimension, and format guidelines that photos must meet in order to be uploaded to your profile. A replace/remove photo link on your Directory/Profile page can be used to add a new photo or delete an unwanted photo. For more information on how to successfully manage the photos on your Directory/Profile page, please visit

What should I do if I forget my username or password?

Please go to the following url:
Enter your email address.

If you cannot remember the email address we have on file, or if you believe your email address is no longer valid, send a detailed  email to or call 973-278-5400 ext. 1540.

How do I sign up for the alumni newsletter?

To sign up for the Berkeley College?s Alumni Connections newsletter, please email or call the Alumni Relations Department at 973-278-5400, ext. 1338.

Refund Policy

Event Cancellation by Berkeley College

Berkeley College in its sole discretion reserves the unconditional right to cancel any event for any reason.

  • If Berkeley College cancels an event, registrants will be notified by the e-mail address or other relevant contact information provided by the registrant at the time of registration and offered a full refund.
  • Should circumstances arise that result in the postponement of an event, registrants will be given the option to either participate on the rescheduled date or receive a full refund. 

Registration Cancellation by Participant

  • Except as expressly provided in registration materials for a specific event or in this policy, no refunds will be made to any participant who cancels his or her registration for an event.
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